Monday, 13 November 2017

The gluten free authors guide to goodies—or not

Hi again...

Yes it's me chatting about food. Well when you have to read labels carefully it's a big thing, food.

It's great that so many people are now labelling gluten free foods as such, but so often it's not that easy to find out what coatings or whatever are on a pre-pack, or on ready meal or whatever.

Now before you all pelt me with rotten tomatoes (they're gluten free of course) I know the best thing is not to buy stuff that has sauces, coatings or crumbs. 

Sometimes though it's not that easy. And I swear on some foods you need a magnifying glass to read the list of ingredients. Even the ones in bold.

And you know, when you think about it. Why do you need wheat flour or bread in say,  sausage? Just to make the filling go further? 

Okay that's enough moaning. I do want to give a big shout out to those fantastic suppliers who use natural ingredients and provide superb food. Thinking Heck, The Black Farmer and Debbie and Andrew's for sausages. To say nothing of the supermarkets who now stock their own. 

The fish in g-f breadcrumbs, the scampi and pastries. All food that I accept isn't necessary but is oh so lovely.

Thank you all.

Happy eating,

love, Raven x

P.S. Dear Genius, why can't I get nan bread or croissants any more? I miss them both.

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