Wednesday, 22 November 2017

#MidWeekTease where Harry learns a thing or two

Well, here we are again. Another Wednesday, and another #MidWeekTease.

I'm working on extending a short 14K Regency novella into a full length story, for Manatee Books.

It's great fun, because by doing this I can really get to know my characters better. I had no idea that Amanda, my heroine was so good at composing up slightly risqué poems, or Harry, my hero played real tennis. Now I do.

Of course they both still have their secrets, who doesn't, but gradually they're telling me...
and each other.

An arranged marriage or one built on love?
Only time and they themselves can tell...

‘And am I right to assume you want to stay away from the capital when we are married?’ Harry asked as his pulse sped up. Why was her answer so important? Surely that was the ideal situation?

A strange flutter somewhere deep inside him, was a surprise. It was what he wanted so why the worry she would agree? He waited expectantly for her answer.

Amanda dropped her gaze and took her time in answering. Then she glanced up, raised her eyebrows and glanced at him with a quizzical expression. ‘Oh you better not assume anything my lord. I haven’t agreed to our betrothal yet. I have my papa’s promise that you will not harass me, or indeed court me until the new year begins.’

He was damned sure his mouth dropped open.

That wasn’t what he’d been given to understand.

He stared at her as if she was a stranger. Indeed this facet of her was. Harry took an overlarge mouthful of wine swallowed too hastily he spluttered.

‘Oh dear,’ Amanda said in a soft and patently false syrupy voice. ‘Do you need some water?’

He needed a brandy. Preferable a double.

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  1. So looking forward to getting my little 'rediting' hands on this one :-)

  2. Made me laugh out loud, little minx. This will be great.

  3. That's gonna be one sparky relationship! Great tease, Raven!