Sunday, 14 December 2014

#sexySnippets Where I ask do you want to be... Dominated by the Earl...?

It's #SexySnippets once more

Where we chose seven consecutive sentences from one of our books or WIP and share.

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This week, I'm showing you how Nora feels when she thinks she might just be about to learn what sometimes goes on between a couple...

As her gown parted, cool air feathered over her skin, and she shivered. It was not totally due to the chill of the atmosphere. Something momentous was going to happen, and she intended to enjoy every minute. She waited, almost dizzy with excitement to see what happened next. It was fortunate she didn’t have long to speculate.
“Lift your hands off me, and drop your arms, so that your gown slides away.”
Now that it seemed this—this thing—was about to happen, Nora hesitated; was she ready? 

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  1. This 'thing'... LOL. Great snippet, Raven.

  2. Oh, the anticipation. Great snippet! ;)

  3. The tension builds beautifully and there is a level of detachment from her I recognised and enjoyed. Great snippet.

  4. she ready? ;) Love the snippet!