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#SexySnippets and Seasons Greetings from A Dom for Christmas

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas is a time for dreams and miracles—or is it Kink? Dreams and reality merge for Angie this season, and life may change forever.

It’s the season to be jolly and to decorate one’s kinky Christmas tree in peace. Instead Angie has to put up with her overbearing ex-boyfriend.
When she falls in the struggle over her beloved Christmas tree angel, Angie wakes up in 1818. Clearly she has hit her head too hard, or she needs to be carted off by the man in the white coats.
The Earl of Camberley’s relief at finding his beloved wife finally awake is only surpassed by his anger at the ruffian who dared to attack her on his door step. His lady-mine seems rather confused and he can only hope that she remembers who he is and what they share in private.
Theirs is not a conventional marriage.
As they work to piece together the mystery surrounding her angel, passion flares and Angie realizes that she loves this regency Dom as much her Dom back home.

Where is home however?


“I have no idea what a Christmas tree is,” he continued. “Christmas is good food, a touch of greenery, church, and of course family. The angel was a betrothal present to you, and as such was kept safe, but as for the rest? You were found unconscious on the doorstep, clutching the angel, it’s December 1818 and we’re in London, though we should be at Camberley Court now, for we put off our departure. I’m Camberley—Arthur, William Epscott, the Earl of Camberley—Cam to my friends and you are Angelina, my wife.”

That was it, she sank back onto the pillows and closed her eyes. She had hit her head, and she was hallucinating. 1818 indeed. She let the blackness gather her into its welcoming numbness once more. 

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  1. Bless her, great snippet. It's a lot for her to take in :-)