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#MidWeekTease with Miranda

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As I'm doing a final read over of Miss Simpkins' School: Miranda before it goes to the formatter, (out on March 7th) I thought I'd add a bit from her story.

Miranda wants a man who says he is too old and too worldy for her. She doesn't agree.

She asks Miss Simpkins fir help...

" know how Adriana can tell you something in such a way, you don't realize until later how much she's helped?"
Molly nodded. "She has aided you in a way you didn't comprehend until after the event?"
"Exactly. I need help to seduce someone. It has to be soon, before he offers elsewhere. I have to show him that even though the age difference is great, it matters not. He's the only one for me." She sighed. "He will not entertain the thought of us being together in any way. The idiot says I need someone younger, and less extreme—whatever that means. Pfft. We all know it's the norm for a man to take a younger wife. I have to want the only gentleman of the ton who doesn't agree with the ideas of the ton. Adriana knows this, and began to talk about a school, which could help. Then she mentioned you were coming today. It was only later, when I saw the pamphlet on my dressing table that I put things together. I was to try and meet you alone later. The accident was fortuitous, in one way. I didn't expect to meet you yet, and especially not have time alone with you. It was an accident, truly."
"Then we'll talk about it later. The school, not the accident. Do I go around to the back of the house with the horses?"
"What? Oh yes, to the left, the stables are behind the trees." Miranda hadn't noticed they were only a few yards from the cluster of buildings. "It will annoy Marsh—he's the major-domo—but that's his problem, not ours. There, see Bagshot, the head groom, is coming to meet us."
"I see." The phaeton drew up next to the man, who after one startled glance toward Molly, blinked and took the reins from her. Another groom came running and assisted the two ladies down.
"The earl is bringing the gig. To my eternal shame, Merry was spooked by a pheasant on the lane just near to the gate," Miranda said as she shook out her dusty skirts, and envied the quiet elegance of Molly. If the woman was all she'd heard, this understated simplicity was superb. "Miss Simpkins and I will go in and find the countess."
 She turned to Molly. "We'll use the garden door. It seems silly to walk all the way round to the front just to make an entrance. And it's miles."
"I doubt it," Molly replied in a dry tone. "But I'm all for not making an entrance, so the garden door suits me well."
Molly tucked her arm through Miranda's. "We have a few minutes," Molly said as they strolled out of the stable yard and into a pretty walled garden. "Perhaps I might be informed of just whom you wish to bed or wed?"
"Both, and in that order. Bed and wed I mean. I suspect if he beds me, he will feel honor bound to wed me. I should of course say no. And continue to do so until he realized it's not honor, but necessity. But I won't. He'll soon realize its lustful, sexual, full-blown coupling he needs. I can give him all that and love. Propriety be damned. If underhandedness is needed, so be it."
Molly laughed. "I like your style. But what if he still says no?"
"Then I'll at least have some memories. But, oh lud, he cannot." Her voice broke and Miranda mentally shook herself. This was no time to go to pieces.
"So, who is it you wish to entice?"
Miranda wondered why Molly's voice was strained. Was the identity of her ardor so important?
"For if it is imperative we sort this before he makes a grave mistake, we must start our plans at once." Molly added.
"Oh, it is of the utmost that I change his mind," Miranda assured Molly. "By fair means or foul, I need to be with him. I have been told he is about to offer for Jane Nicholby. She would bore him in five minutes."
"Jane? But she is five and thirty and a wid... Oh, I see. So this man is?"
"Felix Sotherby."
Molly stopped dead. "Felix? But he is over forty."

"He will be forty in February, and it makes no odds. Papa says it would be like I was marrying him, and Felix agrees. That is rubbish. I don't want another father. I love the one I have. But I do want Felix, in every other way except incestuous."

Will Miranda succeed? Ah well you'll need to read the book to find out...

Meanwhile here's all the other #MidWeekTeases...

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  1. Oh, I reckon she will ;-)

  2. That's a great tease I enjoyed it.

  3. Great tease and good luck with the release of Miranda's story!

    Thanks for joining the tease, Raven!

  4. I think she will succeed. Nice twist for a historical/regency-- about him not wanting someone too young.

  5. Oooh, how I do love older men! Looking forward to this one!

  6. It sounds great! Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. Sorry for the delay on commenting on your tease. I was in editing/writing hell all week. I like her style, too! Great tease! :)