Sunday, 21 October 2012

Six Sunday...let's Atone for the Moon

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon, is a five author anthology, which I'm privileged to be part of.  We're five friends, part of The Nuthouse Scribblers, and all the stories in the book are set around Halloween...and a Blood Moon.

My Story Atone For The Moon, is all about a devil, Nick, and his lady...

The shadows flickered to accept his apology, and Nick breathed a sigh of relief. He was wound up as tight as the proverbial spring, his pulse racing and his body taut with the effort of remaining calm.
Lucy's warmth heated his body, and he couldn't help sliding his free hand under her skirt to fondle her arse, moving his fingers gently over the bite he had given her with so much pleasure. That little taste of blood had been enough for his cock to seep and beg entrance. It had been a lesson in self-control to stop and do as the council demanded. Nick was not a natural submissive; he had learned his lesson in that the hard way.

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