Sunday, 8 July 2012

It's Sunday again. Say hello to Raig and Vairi

for this week's Six Sentence Sunday, I thought I'd tease you with a conversation between Raig and Vairi in The Price to Pay. 

"Lorna said you were a romantic, inspired by sexy accents, and as I’ve been told over the years, the Irish accent is just that, sexy, so I thought, well, why not? To be honest and truthful, the lilt is always there, it’s just been distilled over the years, I resurrected it for you.” He watched her as she seemed to mull over his statement.
“So, Rake, a good name by the way, what are you going to show me?”
His cock knew what he wanted, it was hard and tight up against the fly of his jeans, straining the zip in its effort to be free of its confines. He was glad Mr. Levi Strauss knew a thing or two about the strength of denim.

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