Monday, 23 July 2012

Farewell to 'ings' or how I sent ing packing

No, not the village in Cumbria, I rather like you —and your pub.

This is the dreaded 'ing' at the end of a word. I can now say with some confidence that every other writer in the world can create away, safe in the knowledge there are no ing words they need to beware of. I stole them all.


Yes, I think I'm must have used every last 'ing' word in the world in my last M/S. I'm too ashamed to tell you just how many I've found. As my lovely techno-guru, Cherie will tell you (she of the great Web design I have) I need talking through every step, one by one. and often over and over.

But I've managed to discover the find and replace bit. (Bit? See very technical, You know what I mean.)

Yes, what a great innovation. But oh no, what  a shame. In 25K I wouldn't have believed I could cram so many in. But cramm-ing was the name of the game. So was delet-ing. Ruthless and firm, I bid farewell to -ing. 

The Thesaurus was on fire, The fingers sore. At last, I ended triumphant! The only ings left were acceptable. Those in the middle of a word, they stayed with a smile on their face. (Yes it highlighted all them as well. To say I was freaked until I realized that was just because all ings were highlighted wherever they occurred in a word, would be an understatement.) A few others I gave gracious permission to remain.

The Rest? Deleted, replaced or rewritten. Sent to the trash box. I feel great. 

Now to start on the ly's!

Have a great Monday


R x


  1. Loved this post. I am on familiar terms with -ing and -ly for that matter! :D

  2. Ah yes the dreaded -ing word. Good luck with the removal of the -ly words! :-)

  3. after Ing and ly what shall I target next?

  4. My worst ones are 'just' and 'that' so you are welcome to the 'ings',Raven!

  5. Oh, what a good reminder of all those forbidden little endings!

  6. You poor authors are going to be scarred for life, Raven and Persephone. My work here is done. >:D

  7. Brilliant post Raven. I hadn't noticed how much I had used ing until I had Annie Seaton check over my work. She pointed them all out. So, now I am totally aware of the dreaded ing !! 'As' is another terrible habit of mine too!