Sunday 11 September 2022

Where I wonder where the week has gone.

 Happy whatever day you are reading this on.

It doesn't seem seven days since I last posted. It seems like five minutes. 

Weird, because I've not been rushing all over the place, not been particularly busy...except for playing catch up on my writing.

The words are coming slowly these days. I wonder if it's because it's the time of the year? Summer going, autumn coming? 

I love summer, but I must admit there's something about crunching through fallen leaves and then kicking them in the air. 

(Couldn't find the leaves on the ground picture so here's a tree and sunny view of my last garden instead)

 I've been cracking on with my WIP, thought I was doing ok until I realised my new specs (got to blame something) made me think I'd written 20K more than I have so now it's panic mode! I hate feeling under pressure, but at the moment, that's how I feel—and my blood pressure shows that.

It's strange how sometimes the story is shouting at me, I know exactly where it's going, but life conspires to make it damned difficult to get those words down. Like I said I've not been over busy but lots of little things have demanded my time. Things that had to be done. So writing has been in dribs and drabs and it's darned frustrating. 

Oh to have a clear few hours just to write. And drink coffee as I do. 

I have decided my motto this week is every 1k is 1k nearer those two magic words 'the end', and I'll crack on as and when I can.

Take care and thanks for reading,

love Raven xx

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