Wednesday, 24 August 2022

When I need to give myself a stern talking to.

 I have no idea why I'm not getting up and cracking on with the WIP. The intention is there. Swing (ok crawl) out of bed, splash cold water over my face, clean teeth head to kettle.

Put washing in machine, note where dust bunnies are. Make coffee, open lap top, get WIP ready and...

Ooh, there's the news, the crossword, the emails, the catch up on wherever and—

help that's t'other 'alf getting up and all I've managed is to read over the last paragraph I  wrote and...well you get the gist.

Two hours later, when I am writing it's time to do other things and i'm snarly at having to stop.

So, todays resolution was turn off wifi and just write.

But I thought i'd let you know my intentions, before I get stuck in.

wish me luck.

Oh and if you have read 

The Fix Up

what did you think of it? Because the next book in the series is what I'm concentrating on now. Or I will be in a minute.

Happy Reading,

Love Raven xx

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