Saturday, 9 January 2021

A Week in the Life...Of Raven-Katy-Kera....Welcome to this new year

Welcome to this new year...

Hello 2021

Happy New Year, everyone. Let's hope it gets better eh?

Wonder what I'll be nattering about as the year goes by? 

For a start, for the first time in I don't know how many years, The lovely hubby and I didn't stop up for 'the bells'. Whether it's because after 30-odd years we're now south of the border, on our own, we'd been up early to shop and walk, or just thought, sod it lets go and get some sleep, it will still be 2021 when we get up, whatever we do, I have no idea. Nevertheless, bed  and sleep it was and we woke up to 2021.

The weather this week has been a bit different, and unusual for us. Friends 'up north' are reporting snow and big minus figures in temp. Even relatives not more tan 50 or 60 miles away have the fluffy white stuff. 

Not us, and it's a novelty. 

Mind you we've had ice—oh boy have we had ice. I got twenty yards down the road and turned back the other day. Not much of a walk.

But then we've had this... cold, windy, and chasing the cobwebs away...

and this. 

High noon in Hornsea (East Riding of Yorkshire) 

And back to ice again...

Still no snow here though we are threatened with it. The benefits of living near the coast.

Also a change after 30-odd years.

We've upped sticks. Moved near the English coast. Having a house built, and living in a rental for now. And of course lots of things that would have been useful are in storage. Lots of things that we don't really need are here with us. I've got a bikini, a summer dress and a pair of ballet flats here but not my big overlarge cashmere sweater, tatty suede Uggs or fake fur, really warm, look like a cossack hat. 

Wishful thinking or 'oh hell, get stuff packed and throw the first things I find into a suitcase'?

Probably the latter. We did move in a rush. We went from let's renovate, start painting, put the house on the market next year maybe, to having sold, bought a house (or a house in the making) to finding somewhere to rent and moving in around three months. Which also meant multiple trips to the skip, and a mega downsizing. 

Traumatic. I mean those rat-eared slippers, which I don't ever wear are practically heirlooms! And who doesn't have five copies of the same book?

However, we did it, and I must say how good it is to have toasty warm rooms throughout.

I'm writing, and enjoying it. Perhaps the lack of me time whilst we got ready to move makes me appreciate it all the more? 

Whatever, I have a book out for the first four months of the year, which is fabulous. Well, it will be if people like them.


no date  or cover as yet, watch this space—Kera Faire The Rescuer. A Death Isle Story. (Evernight Publishing)


9th A little Bit Cupid box set (For one night only)

and preorder Love by the Stroke of Midnight (The Island series)

and 23rd preorder The Daisy Chain

(all Totally Bound)


23rd Love by The Stroke of Midnight


6th The Daisy Chain

Good eh? I'm really pleased.

Better get cracking on with some stories for the rest of the year...

along with moving house, finding out we've three times as much furniture as we have room for—

deciding how to plan a garden—

planning what goes where in my new study—

Mind you we're only at the walls up, roof on, plastering being done stage so far, but I can dream. 

And enjoy this next chapter.

Speak to you all soon,

love Raven-Katy-Kera xxx

ah ok, Raven will do, you all know they are all me ...

Stay safe and take care xxx

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