Saturday 7 March 2020

Dear British Airways, long haul, Gluten Free doesn't mean Bland and boring., and inedible.

Nor does it mean, vegan, vegetarian, low calorie, or any other special diet people follow.
Yes, of course people who can't eat gluten may also have to follow another diet, but, gluten free means exactly that. No more no less.
No wheat, barley, rye and in some cases (like me) oats. Change those round and you get no... BROW...
Easy eh?

You see British Airways, the thing is...I'd love to say BA-GF is Blooming Awesome-Great Food.

Sadly I can't. To me it's Blooming Awful-Grotty Food. 

Unless it's the London to Glasgow route and back. The food is excellent, some of the best GF airline food I've had. So you can do it...

Gluten Free does not have to be bland. There is more to a gf meal than overcooked flavourless chicken, soggy rice, overcooked and tasteless veg and wait for it...lettuce, lettuce, melon, melon, melon...

If other airlines can produce good tasty gf food, why can't you?

(Thank goodness for fizz)

Jet 2... excellent breakfast, lovely roast chicken dinner. 

Qantas...some of the best lamb chops I've ever tasted... A gorgeous tomato and bean soup...

Cathay Dragon...congee...Nice fruit...

I've eaten well on Virgin, KLM, Qatar...

Why, oh why, are you so lacking here? 

Recently we flew home from Hong Kong. 

The first course arrived. Salmon. Okay, it had no taste and came with enough lettuce for three meals, but still. Ohh, I thought things are looking up. I was soon disabused of that idea.

In the main, the choice of food put together on the plate was to be polite, interesting to say the least. In fact at one point the purser and I had a good laugh (it was that or cry) as we tried to decide what the lump of some white stuff was. To be rude, it looked like something the cat had sicked up. I think (though I can't be sure) it was egg white scrambled egg...It tasted of cardboard. This was served with soggy carrots, the inevitable soggy spinach and tasteless boiled potatoes. Why oh why? (sadly no photo as I didn't have my phone handy)

As an aside, how come potatoes for breakfast but not for dinner (you guess, the tasteless chicken came with spinach and soggy rice. There was a lot of lettuce as well.

The bread rolls... best to draw a veil over them. (at least they aren't stale rice cakes, but they were still inedible.)

And...mega moan, why do you not have a choice of gluten free meals to preorder in business or first?

We've paid the same price as other passengers in those seats. They get a choice. We get take it or leave it, and have no idea what we will be eating. 

Plus, it seems to me you're onto a good thing when whatever class you're in, you get the same gluten free meal. The other passengers don't, so why do we? And, to say, well, gf needs to be produced separately, is no good reason. Produce two options, say we need to preorder...

I doubt you'll read this, let alone answer, but I feel better getting it off my chest.

We're flying with you later in the year. Do you need a consultant on what is a cheap, easy and tasty gluten free meal? If so, I'm your woman.

And just to finish off, hows this for a pud? 

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