Thursday, 10 January 2019

It's Evernighties Thursday. Me... a pram... and a library book

this week...

My first memory...

Goodness that's going back a bit. Okay a lot. snigger

To when I was in my pram. 

(source pinterest)

One of those big old fashioned one that my three cousins had used before me. And my other cousin did after me. We were all very accommodating and came two years apart. I slotted in between cousins #3 and #4.

My first memory involves books. Funny that eh? 

I was sitting up in the pram, the hood was down. It was summer (or warm anyway) and we were outside a row of shops in Occupation Road, Corby, Northants. The town where I was born.

My mum was talking to Maisie Ramsay,  mum of my friend Sheena. We were on our way to the library (so mum told me many years later when I asked her about it). The books were at the bottom of the pram. Evidently I grabbed one.

And this is where the proper part of my memory starts. I can vividly see myself turning it over and over, trying to flip the pages. Eventually I gave up and began to eat it instead. That's when it was removed from my orbit. And I cried!

But my love of books has remained, although now I write them as well as reading them.

Oh and mum said it was a romance!

Happy Reading,

love Raven x

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