Sunday, 23 October 2016

a late #SexySnippets, but all good things are worth waiting for. #TeamHarry

sorry this is late. Well, unless you're reading it any day except Sunday and then you wont realise.

Anyway, I had such great intentions, and as ever they flew out of the window when Dh dragged me out of bed to go and buy the new jeans I'd been hinting about.

Well new jeans. Sorry my lovelies, needs must.

But now I'm back and here we go.

The Lord's Persuasion of Lady Lydia is out on 27th and up for preorder now.

(Talk amongst yourselves)

Half an hour later because Dh needed me to hold a lady. (Memo to self get things scheduled well in advance.)

Right back to #SexySnippets

Seducing the wallflower…
Over the years, Lydia Field has perfected the art of being a wallflower. It’s the only way to avoid the attention of unwanted suitors – and the perils of a convenient, loveless marriage! Instead, she dreams of the day she can leave London’s high society behind her, trading the glamorous balls and afternoon teas for a quiet life in the country.
But in an unguarded moment, she finds herself catching the eye of notorious rake ‘Handsome Harry’, Lord Birnham. Now that he’s glimpsed the wildness and fire that lurks beneath Lydia’s demure exterior, Lord Birnham will not rest until he has unleashed the full extent of her passion!

For if there’s one skill that Lord Birnham is known for, it’s the art of persuasion…

And he intends to get to know Lydia better. Much better....

and your seven sentences...

Even that thought hardened his cock and made his muscles clench so tightly he had to force himself to relax. Some of his firmly entrenched rules had, he decided, just melted away. He couldn’t carry on like that. After all, if Lydia was ready for a little intimacy, with no strings, who was he to deny her—better him than anyone else.
And if she wasn’t, he thought uneasily, what then? Harry made a conscious decision. If he was to get any peace he needed to quench his desire for her, and to that end seduction might be necessary.
Bed her and not wed her—that was what rakes did; he might as well live up to his reputation for once.

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Happy reading,

love Raven x


  1. Bed her and not wed her. Will he live up to his reputation? Great snippet, Raven!

  2. She might have something to say about that. Great snippet.

  3. Oh, how very rakish of him, lol. Great snippet :-)

  4. Can't wait to read this! :)