Sunday, 4 September 2016

#SexySnippets Where Anna explains her feelings...

As I mentioned the other day, sometimes I think ohh what shall I read. I'd been talking about Master, the first Dommissimma story, with a friend and she'd said one bit she loved. That got me to go back and read it for myself. 

I'd forgotten just how much I love Cade and Anna's story, so #SexySnippets is from it...

#SexySnippets, from Master.


Caden McCourt did not expect to find his estranged wife Diana at a BDSM club. When he does, the renowned Master is determined to claim back his errant wife. 
When Diana left him fifteen years prior, she lost a part of herself. Seeing Cade again throws her into a tail spin. 
She cannot be the sub he needs, but she can't walk away either. When she's challenged by Cade to face her demons, her old nightmares resurface. Can they overcome the chasm between them, or are the nightmares simply too strong?

and your seven sentences (Anna is explaining to her friends how she feels about Cade and the lifestyle.) 

~~~"I can't share—him or me—I'm sorry, but the thought is so awful, it's killing me. If he isn't satisfied with only me, in private, no club, no scening with me, no demonstrating, or anything with anyone else, then it's over. I can't do it, and really do I have the right to ask him to give up his life for me?"
"Oh, lovey. I think you need to listen to this." Daisy turned to Marco, who took out a tiny recorder from his pocket, leaned forward and held Anna's hand.
"Ready?" he asked.
It would have been handy to know what she had to be ready for, but Anna nodded anyway.~~~

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  1. She's passionate about her feelings, no doubt. Although, if there is a recorder involved I don't think anything good is about to happen... Great snippet, Raven!

  2. You can so feel her anguish in this snippet. I loved this story, Raven!

  3. Love the intensity of her emotions.

  4. Well done. Really drew me, made me want to know more.