Monday, 14 November 2011

Nine For the Week, Your Monday Morning Pick Me Up. With D.C.Juris.

This weeks naughty nine, have a transgender twist.
Welcome Daniel to Raven's Nine for the week. Glad you could drop by.
Q We'll get this one over first, tell us a little bit about yourself.
A Hi there! ::waves:: Thanks for having me! I'm DC Juris, and I'm a transgender fella who writes GLBTQ and heterosexual ::cough:: romance. I mean, romance.

Q Thanks, now we can probe a bit more. What are you writing at the moment? Going to share any of it with us? (I know thats really two questions, but hey we will call it a and b)
A I actually have 21 WIPs at the moment. I'm one of those folks who doesn't like to share actual parts of unfinished works, however, I'll say that among my stack is a re-write of "On God's Honor," (my angel story), a story about life in the aftermath of a zombie infestation, a story about being outed as gay at the family reunion, and a hot little number about a NYC writer who goes down on the farm (literally) to do some research for a book.

Q How long have you been writing?
A Since before I entered Kindergarten. I wrote my first story in crayon on the walls of my bedroom. 

What is your favorite genre? To write or read.
A I'll read anything if it's well written. For writing, I prefer contemporary or fantasy. 

Q Where do you prefer to write? What do you wear? And eat? (OK, I know this is cheating as well, but we need all the gen in our naughty nine)
A I have a writing office where I do most of my editing and whatnot, but I can write anywhere. In fact I've got pens and notebooks in every room of the house. LOL What do I wear? Depends on the day! Usually something comfy if I've planned to write, but I can write in anything. Eating...I munch on various things. Mostly Bob's Peppermints. LOL 

Q  So three things you love
A    Chocolate, drag shows, and gluten free cupcakes! 

Q three you don't
A Rampant stupidity, close-mindedness, and people who spend their time worrying about other people's business instead of their own.

Q Three things you would like to happen in the next three years? Feel free to add to the three things you don't,
A  Things I'd like to happen: more publications, obviously. I'd like to find a girlfriend - that would be nice. And a little more financial security. Things I don't - doom and destruction. LOL Beyond that, I can probably handle anything! 

That's it painless eh? Thanks for dropping by and giving us a peek into your life. Feel free to add any links so we can all find out what you are up to.

Thanks very much for having me! :-)

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  2. Great insight into your life, DC - and your zombie infestation sounds very interesting!! ;)