Friday, 10 January 2014

OOPS... #flasherfictionfriday

100 words flash...on a friday...

What do you think?

"You look ready for anything."

Sweat glistened on his body.

Yeah, well,"

He rattled the chains as they slid over his shoulders and brought her gaze to where they headed. 

Downward toward…  oh my…

"That's what I must be. Always." His long fingers stroked the links.

She sighed.  "Oh yes." It was easy to imagine just what he could use them for. Her mind went into 

overdrive. Images of him—his chains, her—his chains flashed through her mind.

"Are you ready?"

She nodded.

"Good oh, lets get them attached. Then I can tow my car out of the ditch."

 *** *** ***** *** ***

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Love R x


  1. You are so baaaaad, Raven McAllan!

  2. Good one for the final twist. I laughed so hard.

  3. Lol!!! LOVED the last line. Fabulous :-)

  4. Raven, you are a creative creature, aren't you? She is in for a real treat, I think. Loved it <3 xo

  5. Loved it! Hahaha!

  6. You totally had me. LOL! Love it :D

  7. Giggles! I was so going in a different direction with that. LOL

  8. LOL, love the lead in on this. very cool.

  9. Oh my" is right! You had me going right along with her. Great flash. Makings of something longer?

  10. LOL Excellently written and love your twist. Hope it doesn't take too long to get the car out.

  11. LOL! Loved the twist at the end. Playful hot and sexy throughout and bam a big twist. Awesome!