Wednesday, 29 July 2015

#MidWeekTease #Freeread Compromised

Just can't resist teasing you from Compromised, the prequel to the Cursed Treasure series, of which book one, My Lord Suitor is out next month...

Compromised is out this Friday, 31st July.

As Compromised is very short, this tease is also very short. But hey if you want to read more, its free from Friday...

They entered the trees, and Theo held her shoulders to guide her as he led her in a convoluted manner through the bushes and trees. "Follow me. If I say down, crouch and stay still." He was pleased her dark green gown was splattered with salt and mud and would be perfect camouflage if needed.
"Sad as I am to show my weakness," Mijo said faintly after several minutes of walking at a pace many soldiers would find hard to keep up, "when can we slow down? I have a most uncomfortable pain in my side."
"Five minutes and we can rest." Theo checked his route by memory and led the way down a ravine. "Follow me here. Once we're across the river, I know of a cave we can hide in and recover."
She obviously decided to save her breath and nodded.
He slid to the edge of the river and turned to help her the last few yards. "Wet feet now, I'm afraid."
In the faint predawn light, he saw Mijo roll her eyes. "As they haven't dried from the boat, I can't see it matters." She gathered her skirts and tucked them into her waistband once more. Her shapely legs gleamed pale in the moonlight as she removed her half boots.
Theo let his body tighten and admire her for a brief moment before he bent and removed his own footwear and slung it around his neck. Why did his arousal appear at such an inconvenient moment?

"The water is cold, and the riverbed slimy. But it's shallow and not too wide. We've had a dry month. Take my hand." At least the cold would shrivel his pego and lessen the chance of her outrage at his reaction to her. It would be too much to hope that she'd like his body's visible admiration.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#TT ~X~

200 words and a photo


(source Depositphotos)

It could mean anything from no, to a kiss. To a mystery, to 'X' marks the spot.
For excite and excel.
Jasmine placed it on the table and walked around slowly. Pondering…
Was it the sign she was waiting for? The unknown, but you will know why sign?
If so why 'X' and why today?
Why with those vines entwined? Did it mean they could, maybe…possibly?
Answers to unanswerable questions were never going to be forthcoming. This one was no exception.
Her phone bleeped to signal a text and made her jump.
 She looked at the screen.
Her heart beat faster as she opened up the text.
Only three more words. Now it's time. Then three lines down… 'x' in every way.
So, X it is.
Jasmine crouched next to the object and picked it up. for one split second glowed gold and red in her hands and the heat filled her.
X marks the spot, sends love, is the missing link. No negatives here.
She walked slowly in a circle and chanted...
Take me to the mystery place, the place where X is all. Where once more I'll meet my love and we entwine.

X is for us.

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

#SexySnippets... Where Mijo wonders...

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It's #SexySnippets time, where a group of writers tease you with a mere seven sentences. You can find us all  here and if you fancy joining us, that's where you sign up.

On 31st July, Compromised, the prequel to my new Regency Series, Cursed Treasure is out. ( ) and it's a free read.

"Pay the price. The heart of ye child to be liftin the curse. Dare ye risk it?"
 A time of terror, a time of hope?
When Mijo escaped from Madame Le Guillotine, and set sail to England, little did she know who her savior was, or what he would mean to her.
Theo was enchanted by his émigré, but knew what trouble they could be in. After dodging the French, revenue men and smugglers now they had their feelings to contend with.
Passion was all well and good, as long as they could weather the storm it unleashed, and solve the curse.


Marie-Josephine decided she would prefer to help sail the boat instead of being told to hold on and stay out of the way. Patience was not her best trait, plus, the attitude of the captain could almost make her wish herself back in her beloved France—almost.

Except there was the not inconsiderable presence of Madame Le 

Guillotine and the sure knowledge she'd be on her way to make her 

acquaintance if she ever set foot on French soil again. Her enemies

had made certain of that. She sighed as the boat pitched and she 

rolled over onto a coil of rope. The tarry strands stuck to her bare 

ankle—her stockings had shredded and been discarded days before

and scratched the skin. It was nothing compared to what others 



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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#MidWeekTease In the sun...

This weeks #MidWeekTease comes from The Racing Driver's Wife 

(Darcy is about to give Gael a massage)

The sun shone on his skin and the leaves from the nearby trees created dappled shadows that stippled erotic patterns over his back. As beautiful and thought provoking as they seemed, they were going to make it hard to make sure she got every knot and kink out of him.
Knot and kink? The thoughts those words created were definitely 'x' rated. She cleared her throat and Gael looked over his shoulder.
"Hi, cara. Will this do?"
"Not unless you want one side toasted and the other plain. Just there I haven't a chance of seeing what I'm doing. The shadows will muck everything up. You need to be over there." She pointed to the place she thought would be perfect. "And put this towel around your waist to catch any drips."
He smiled, as he took the length of material from her. The slow, let me undress you and have my wicked way with you smile that sealed her fate appeared on his tanned, handsome face. It had been there both going in and going out of their time together. It was one more thing that made women swoon and have palpitations the world over. The one he could no more not give than breathe.
Not the one that was especially for her, if there even was one of those. Once she'd thought there was, but...
"Like this?"
"Eh? Oh yeah, perfect, thanks." She'd been so deep into her memories she hadn't even noticed Gael had wrapped the towel around his waist, just like a loin cloth, moved the chair and sat down again.

He stood up, walked over to her and stroked her cheek. "Why so sad?"
"I'm not." Liar, liar, pants on fire. "Well not really. I was just thinking." Darcy got the 'oh yeah', one raised eyebrow look. She shrugged, pushed her specs up her nose and nudged him back in the direction of the chair. He moved obligingly and resumed his previous position "In this weather, the wood and seat are most unpleasant."
"Use the towel then over the wood instead if you want. Or go in and get another one.”
"This will do." He rolled his shoulder, and the way his muscles rippled and moved from side to side made her body tighten
Damn, I've been without sex for way too long. Five months way too long. Ever since one chance meeting.
"Sticky and sweaty," Gael went on, a suspicious gleam in his eye. She mistrusted the pseudo innocent look.
"Sorry, but what would you rather have?" Darcy asked briskly. "Sweaty and sticky and oil on the towel, or sweaty and sticky and wood and varnish stuck to your body? Either way unless we go inside and you sit under a fan you'll be sweaty and sticky." She pushed him until his bum hit the seat. He sat and didn’t complain any more. 

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