Sunday, 21 December 2014

#SexySnippets and Seasons Greetings from A Dom for Christmas

#SexySnippets time is here,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas is a time for dreams and miracles—or is it Kink? Dreams and reality merge for Angie this season, and life may change forever.

It’s the season to be jolly and to decorate one’s kinky Christmas tree in peace. Instead Angie has to put up with her overbearing ex-boyfriend.
When she falls in the struggle over her beloved Christmas tree angel, Angie wakes up in 1818. Clearly she has hit her head too hard, or she needs to be carted off by the man in the white coats.
The Earl of Camberley’s relief at finding his beloved wife finally awake is only surpassed by his anger at the ruffian who dared to attack her on his door step. His lady-mine seems rather confused and he can only hope that she remembers who he is and what they share in private.
Theirs is not a conventional marriage.
As they work to piece together the mystery surrounding her angel, passion flares and Angie realizes that she loves this regency Dom as much her Dom back home.

Where is home however?


“I have no idea what a Christmas tree is,” he continued. “Christmas is good food, a touch of greenery, church, and of course family. The angel was a betrothal present to you, and as such was kept safe, but as for the rest? You were found unconscious on the doorstep, clutching the angel, it’s December 1818 and we’re in London, though we should be at Camberley Court now, for we put off our departure. I’m Camberley—Arthur, William Epscott, the Earl of Camberley—Cam to my friends and you are Angelina, my wife.”

That was it, she sank back onto the pillows and closed her eyes. She had hit her head, and she was hallucinating. 1818 indeed. She let the blackness gather her into its welcoming numbness once more. 

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Have a great holiday


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Monday, 15 December 2014

It's the Siren Holiday Hop...I'm hopping...

And oh boy... do we have some goodies for you.

I love the Christmas Season. It's probably the only week or so  of the year I don't mind the cold. Especially if its combined with snow, (which has romance written all over it, and makes me all gooey inside) and I don't have to go out. Of course that means all children who are coming home have been picked up from the airport or whatever, and Dh has finished work for the holidays.

Over the years we've made our own traditions, and the one time we tried to deviate (Goose not Turkey) there was almost a riot. 

It seems that especially now, when the children are grown up, but still chose to come home, and not go to partner's or away to the Caribbean, these traditions must be adhered to. 

I'm always first up, light the fire Dh has set ready, put the kettle on and make tea. Turn on Christmas music loudly. Dh made a CD a few years ago, music to open presents to. Cheesy but hey ho. People then stumble, yawn, bounce, (depending on their attitude and whether they were out the night before) and grab a seat. We all have our presents in a pile each and take turns in opening them. There's a lot of squeezing and shaking and silly guesses, as well as "I hope I have socks/pants/moisturiser/chocolate" comments. (They always do)

Once the presents are open its smoked salmon and champagne time. This is evidently set in stone as well. I always get asked if I've got the champagne and smoked salmon before anyone says, "oh, I'll be home on ...."

Eventually my daughter and I start making the dinner, helped by champagne and men to lift turn and baste the turkey, tidy the lounge and set the table (wrongly usually)

After dinner we just collapse in a heap... Watch rubbish on TV, read, chat, and decide we don't want any tea.

I love it. Every minute.

I also love the fact I'm a Siren author. My first book for them, The Alpha's Challenge came out on 3rd December and is a m/f best seller. How fantastic. I'm over the moon. for those of you who don't know me, I'm a bus pass toting, refusing to grow old gracefully, living in Scotland author, who is amazed, and delighted to be able to do what I love.

Dh and I live on the edge of a Scottish forest, and love it. Our children are grown up and live away, but come back to breath fresh air and have their washing done. 

I have a very live and let live attitude to the dust bunnies, and therefore we get on perfectly. They stay under the bed and I ignore them. After all if I hoovered them up, they'd only come back...

***    ***    ***

Here's my blurb

When human Ari Mackintosh lets wolf shifter Jacob Wolfe know she fancies him, fur and sparks fly. Especially as Jacob isn't a mere shifter. He's the Alpha of his pack and a Dom to boot.
Jacob cannot believe his luck when he discovers that the woman he’s been lusting after from afar not only knows about shifters, but is turned on by seeing him shift. It becomes clear that Ari knows far more than she ought to when she recognized him in his wolf form.
It challenges Jacob, as it’s his duty to keep the pack safe. There are rules to follow—rules that he breaks one by one, as he cannot resist Ari’s natural submissiveness.
When push comes to shove and Jacob reveals his secrets, he is fully aware that they might send Ari away screaming.
He has to take the chance and trust that she will stay. 

and the fantastic cover...

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

#sexySnippets Where I ask do you want to be... Dominated by the Earl...?

It's #SexySnippets once more

Where we chose seven consecutive sentences from one of our books or WIP and share.

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This week, I'm showing you how Nora feels when she thinks she might just be about to learn what sometimes goes on between a couple...

As her gown parted, cool air feathered over her skin, and she shivered. It was not totally due to the chill of the atmosphere. Something momentous was going to happen, and she intended to enjoy every minute. She waited, almost dizzy with excitement to see what happened next. It was fortunate she didn’t have long to speculate.
“Lift your hands off me, and drop your arms, so that your gown slides away.”
Now that it seemed this—this thing—was about to happen, Nora hesitated; was she ready? 

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