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Lynn Hardy fights for justice along with Kelly Lowe

Woman Warrior – an Afghanistan Veteran – Fights for Justice for ALL Women in the USA
By Lynn Hardy
Mark Jernigan, the only DA in Roscommon County, Michigan, told Kelly Lowe, "No jury will convict this man of rape when you (Kelly) left your husband and two boys at home to go out drinking with your sister."
Kelly asked, "Are you saying that if a married woman goes out and gets drunk without her husband that she deserves to be raped."
The prosecuting attorney chuckled and said nothing.
Despite the compelling evidence, Kelly is refused a trial:
·      Rape Kit verifies assault
·      Blood on clothes because Kelly punched him in the nose
·      Eye witnesses who came running when they heard Kelly yell and saw the rapists running from the room with a bloody nose
·      The rapists confesses as the police record the conversation
·      The Lieutenant of the reporting officer asks the DA to prosecute
Can this really be happening in the Twenty First Century in one of the most progressive countries in the world? This is the time people have dreamed of for centuries: It is 2015, yet this injustice continues.
 This is Kelly’s story:
In 2014 Kelly and her sister gathered at their mom's house for the first time in many years. On Dec. 26:
- The kids were all tucked in bed
- The bags were all packed
Kelly and her husband had been fighting during week. Her sister suggested they go out for a girls night and get a few drinks. This upset Kelly's husband and they had an argument.
Kelly and her sister went out... Kelly got really hammered. Not wanting to witness another argument, her sister insisted on going to the house of some guys she knew from high school. Kelly puked on the front lawn. Her sister helped her into the only bedroom downstairs where she helped Kelly puke in a bowl. Other people were in the living room as Kelly was passed out cold in a bedroom while her sister went upstairs with a boyfriend.
Kelly woke with a guy on top of her and inside her. She screamed and punched him in the nose. The guy got off and said, "I think you broke my nose," and ran out of the room.
Her sister and the other owner of the house heard Kelly yelling came running downstairs. They saw the rapists running from the room with a bloody nose.
A rape report was filed and a rape kit confirmed the attack along with the eye witnesses who saw the assailant fleeing the room with a bloody nose. Blood on Kelly’s clothes provided DNA evidence identifying the attacker. The police have a phone call recorded with the rapist admitting to his crime.
Mark Jernigan, the prosecuting attorney in Roscommon County, Michigan, told Kelly in a phone conversation that they were not prosecuting because, "No jury will convict this man of rape when you left your husband and two boys at home to go out drinking with your sister."
Kelly asked, "Are you saying that if a married woman goes out and gets drunk without her husband that she deserves to be raped."
The prosecuting attorney chuckled and said nothing.
Kelly pursued this with the State Attorney General who said, "The prosecuting attorney is just making a strategic opinion."
"That's not justice," Kelly said.
The State Attorney General replied, "That's your opinion."
“I would hate for the press to get a hold of this story…” Kelly said.
“Go right ahead,” said the State Attorney General, sounding cocky as hell.
~~~~~     ~~~~~~~     ~~~~~

When discussing her attack with me, Kelly Lowe said, “I proudly served in Afghanistan because I believed in this country. To come home and be told that my case wasn't going to be prosecuted because 'no jury would side with a woman who leaves her husband and son to go drink with her sister,' was more devastating than the actual rape itself. They were saying that because I was a wife and mother who had drinks with her sister, I deserved to be raped, and I didn't deserve a trial or justice. The man who raped me walks away free.”
Kelly also said, “Going through a rape kit and detailing the events to police men was one of the most humiliating things I've had to do in my life.” True to her fighting spirit, Kelly is willing to tell her story in public as she fights for justice for all women!
Surely there was something we can do to help Kelly fight this battle. I have added my voice to hers in the only way I knew how: I created a Facebook Event as a rallying point with the hope of gathering enough support that the media will pick up the story.
Will you join the fight for a trail for Kelly?
Click Here to find the “Hold HIM Accountable” event on Facebook.
About Lynn Hardy

I am a #1 Amazon Kindle Bestselling author for my fantasy romance series, Prophecy of the Flame. Last year, I was led to write a nonfiction book, Angels Believe in You.
At lunch the day after I started the Facebook event, my husband asked why I was willing to put so much effort into something like this. At first I insisted that it was because it was the right thing to do.
Moments later as we continued discussing this, it hit me like a ton of bricks: I was a victim of DATE RAPE - it is how I lost my virginity. It is the darkest part of my journey illustrated in the book Angels Believe in You. I didn’t want to start the book out that way, but I was led to add it after I had already completed most of the manuscript. If I hadn’t written about it so recently, I may not have connected the two events.  
After hearing Kelly’s story and talking with her, all I knew was that somewhere deep inside a strong urging compelled me to do all that I could to help get justice for Kelly - Thanks to the questioning of my husband, now I know where that came from. Not only because it is right, but for VICTORY for EVERY WOMAN who has been raped and who didn't get justice.
I hope you will join with us: Together we can shine a light helping women across this nation!
Facebook event:

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#SexySnippets can you feel the heat? The #HongKongHeat

Welcome to #SexySnippets, where we hope to entertain, intrigue and catch your interest with seven consecutive sentences from one of our works or WIP

I've just come back from sunny lovely Barbados, and although I don't have my book set there out until next year, Hong Kong Heat is also set somewhere warm, in probably my favorite city in the world.

(the lovely Emmy Ellis created this fab cover)

and here's your #SexySnippet

And hey, Hong Kong is as great as I remember and I can’t wait to get out and explore. This hotel lives up to everything it boasts about. My suite is amazing and the bed is big enough for an orgy.
Debra considered the last sentence then deleted it—it might be a bit too much for her children to read.
Everyone is so helpful and friendly, and wow, you should have seen the hot-bod guy in the foyer. Pity he’d disappeared once I’d checked in. (Only kidding, I don’t cradle snatch, but my eyes are still 20/20.) 

If you were entertained, intrigued and want to

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Happy Reading,

Love  R x

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#MidWeekTease with Doris O'Connor and Carmel's Choice AND a giveaway...

Thanks so much Raven for letting me tease from my new release, Carmel’s Choice, which came out yesterday.

 (It's my pleasure)

To set the scene a little… Carmel and Gideon are on their way back to London to see Nash. They have stopped at a Motorway Service Station, and are discussing said Nash and one thing leads to another as it does…


 “Okay, but if he doesn’t want to?”
Gideon’s expression grew forbidden, and Carmel clenched her thighs together. He was too damn sexy when he looked like that.
“Like I said, this is him trying to do the right thing. Well, I won’t fucking let him mess you about. If you don’t want him after you talk with him, that’s fine, but he doesn’t get to make that decision and break your heart. No fucking way.”
Carmel knew she shouldn’t get this turned on by Gideon’s simmering anger, but her body just wasn’t listening. Gideon’s voice had dropped to a deep, sexy growl that seemed to vibrate over every one of her erogenous zones at once, and that meant her underwear was uncomfortably damp and her nipples chafed against the confines of her lacy bra. It showed the level of Gideon’s agitation that he hadn’t noticed her rhythmic clenching of her thighs. So close, so damn close.
The swat to her thigh stung, as did the fist buried in her hair as Gideon yanked her head back. His hot breath skittered across the sensitive skin under her ear, and she jumped when he bit down hard on her earlobe.
“Naughty girl, you know your orgasms belong to me, yet here you are trying to get yourself off. In broad daylight, too, where anyone could see. Well, if that’s what you want, you better give everyone a show, girl.”
Excitement leapt through her veins, hot, hard, and fast, yet she tried to shake her head in denial. The action was made impossible by Gideon’s firm hold on her hair, and she gasped her reply in between desperate gulps of air.
“No, please, Sir. I’m sorry, I don’t want—”                                   
Gideon bit her again, far harder this time, and her clit clenched. Her pussy muscles contracted, and yet more moisture spilled from her eager cunt. Her knickers gave up any pretense of holding in her arousal, and her juices trickled down the inside of her thigh.
“Are you safewording, dove? ’Cause that’s the only thing that will stop this.”
“No, Sir, I’m not.”
“I didn’t think so. We haven’t done this in a while, have we, my sweet, so you better make this time good. Take your knickers off and pass them to me.”
He released her, and Carmel bit back her groan as she hastened to pull the ruined underwear down her legs. Her stomach flip-flopped when Gideon simultaneously sniffed them, locked the doors, and winked at the middle-aged business man sitting in his car two spaces up. He was facing them, and his jaw dropped when he seemed to notice was going on.
“Ah, we have an audience, it seems. Spread your legs, and show me how wet you are for me, dove.”
Heat climbed into Carmel’s cheeks, but she dutifully pulled her dress up and slid her fingers through her wet slit. A whimper escaped her as even that action made her pussy clench, and she dropped her gaze as the stranger sat up and grinned at her.
“Oh, no, you don’t. Look at him while you show me your fingers. I want him to get so turned on that he’ll have to jack off. Like I said, give him a show, girl. Let him see what a naughty little wife I’ve got, and let him wish he could taste you.”
“Oh, god, please, Sir, don’t…” Carmel gasped the words, embarrassment warring with acute arousal as she held her glistening fingers up to Gideon. He grasped her hand and made a big show of licking them clean while delivering little bites to her digits that shot darts of pleasure to her clit. When Carmel dropped her gaze to their watcher’s chest, Gideon wrapped his free hand in her hair and yanked her head up, until she had no choice but to look into the other man’s now ruddy complexion.
“I said, look at him. Lick your lips, yes, just like that, and finger your nipples through your dress. I’d make you get those tits out, but I don’t really want him to see what’s mine. I reckon his imagination will work just fine. Look at him, dove, can you see his breath speeding up? Look what my naughty little subbie is doing to that guy. Pull harder, let me hear you. I know you can come from this alone.”
Gideon’s deep voice in her ear was so compelling that it didn’t even occur to her to argue. Instead, the rest of the crowded car park faded away as she pulled, twisted, and yanked her nipples through the thin cover of her dress and gasped her pleasure. Gideon’s hot gaze of approval made her skin feel tight and hot, and she rocked herself back and forth on the seat of her car to increase the friction she needed to let go. Not that she would be able to without Gideon’s command.
When they had first started this game, she had come without his approval once. Never again had she made that mistake again. Gideon had proceeded to torture her for what had felt like hours in the forest car park they had been it at the time. He’d kept her hovering on the edge of her release, and once the car park had cleared out of the tourists, had proceeded to spank her ass red raw while she was draped over the bonnet of the car. She had been too far gone to care about an audience by then, even though one car had remained in the car park. In the twilight she hadn’t been able to ascertain if anyone had sat in there watching them, but knowing Gideon, there had been. Sure enough, by the time he’d finally let her come after he’d fucked her across that bonnet and emptied himself all over her sore ass, that car had sped off.
Carmel bit her lip, and whined at the memory as her release built in ever tighter circles. Seeing the stranger lower a newspaper over his lap and the jerky arm movements he made meant she had to screw her eyes shut. It was one thing knowing that man got turned on by watching her come apart, but she didn’t want to see it.
“I said keep your eyes open, dove.” Gideon’s words were accompanied by a tug to her hair hard enough to make her eyes water and her scalp sting in painful pleasure. Almost more pain than pleasure, or at least it would have been had Gideon not already scrambled her senses so much that she couldn’t determine which was which anymore. His scent and heat surrounded her, and then he pushed several fingers knuckle-deep into her cunt and curled them upward. Carmel screamed as pleasure too intense to name consumed her, and Gideon caught her shout in his mouth. He fucked her mouth with his tongue in tune to the fingers in her pussy, which were relentlessly pushing her toward one of the most intense orgasms she’d had with him in a long time.
Gideon released her lips with a groan, and her eyes flew open at his hoarse command.
“Open your eyes, and come for me, my dove. That’s it, so beautiful, my darling.”

[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
It’s just one night of kinky sex. What could possibly go wrong?
When the birthday present from her Master is one night of no holds barred kinky sex with his ex-army buddy, Carmel Blythe doesn’t know what to think. A good subbie obeys her Master’s wishes, however, and there is no denying the instant connection she has with this experienced Dom.
Topping Gideon’s gorgeous wife is the least Nash Jonas can do to repay the debt he owes the man. After all, Gideon took the bullet aimed at Nash—the very one that cost the other man his army career and put him in a wheelchair. If only Nash could keep those pesky emotions out of the deal.
Gideon cannot stand to see the sadness in his wife’s eyes, nor the restlessness in his best buddy’s soul. Pushing the two people he loves together will surely satisfy everyone’s physical and emotional needs.
Carmel’s choice may well change everything…
Available now at a 10% discount at Bookstrand
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Stay naughty, folks.

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