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Morning all, it's teasing time again. I'm in editing heaven at the moment. Yep, I like editing because I know i'm making my story better with every edit I do.

So, I thought I'd tease you this week with a wee snippet from my WIP, tentatively called The Alpha's Challenge...

As ever it's unedited word vomit...

"That is for waxing and scribing." He stretched down and ran his finger across her wet slit and into her even wetter pussy hole. "You like these ideas, pet don't you." It wasn't a question.
"My pet wants it all. Such a pity we need to go slow, because I think my pet would take everything I gave her."
Jacob put one hand around her waist and led her to the double level benches.
"Will you let me start, Pet? Let me spank you ass? Redden your skin and leave my handprint as our first mark?"
There was only one thing she could say. Excitement and arousal danced over her skin and into her body. The pulse at the base of her pussy throbbed in much the same way it did when she climaxed, and she was darned sure she was as wet as she was then.
"Yes please Sir."
He helped her kneel on one bench and adjusted the other one so she knelt over it, before he showed her chain and manacles. "I'm not untying your hands because I love to see them like that. But I'm tethering you so you don't fall. Status, pet?"
"Still wolf."
Ah that's my lovely pet." He crooned the words as he spread her legs and fastened them as well. "Oh such a beautiful sight. Would you like to see?" He tilted a set of mirrors so she could see her bare ass, no longer with the tiny strip of lace disappearing between her buttocks. "Now, pet. Let me show you how beautiful this will make us both feel."
He brought his hand down firmly on one ass cheek.
Ari was thankful she was fastened or she'd have hit the roof. Who on earth thought that was pleasure needed their head examined. It bloody hurt. She swallowed and bit her lip, determined not to cry, or shout her safe word. Jacob wanted this and she wanted Jacob. So she'd take another one…
Or two…
He smacked each cheek three times in quick succession and rubbed and stoked the sensitive skin between each strike. Ari still wouldn't say it was pleasure, and it still hurt like hades, but…
"You submit so beautifully, pet. Look in the mirror, watch me, feel with me. Count for me. Three more on each side. Just three."
She could take that.
This time the sting was more intense, her eyes clouded over and she couldn't see clearly. The following spanks were harder, and harder…and she flew. Now she knew what the words pleasure pain really meant. All that mattered was that harsh stroke and the stings and tingles that raced through her. Her mind focused only on Jacob, his soft words and his firm hand.
It could have been sixty strokes not six, she had no idea, and she didn't much care. She was his.

(A bit too many 'pets', but it's a got to type this as the words form or else I'll forget it story... I'll edit later...)

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

#SexySnippets where I say everyone should have a Devil...

Livvy has. She has her Devil Dom...

Release your inner devil and pay the price. Was a year of hot sex worth the humiliation to come?

For over a year, Livvy woke up sobbing, hot, bothered, and reaching for something. Sael was the something, but he had a secret, one that would make or break them, and could well cost him his existence.

#SexySnippets. Where a group of authors post seven sentences from a published book or a WIP

This week my seven are from Livvy's Devil Dom.

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"Come for me. Put your fingers inside yourself, and then use your wetness to rub your clit, touch your nipples, and make yourself come. You know you want to, so do it now."
His tone was mesmeric, and it compelled her to respond.
I want to? Well, her body did because her pussy got wetter as he spoke, and her nipples puckered under the silky top she wore. Before she realized what she was doing, she began to do as he asked. God, she was wet, achingly so—her clit throbbed for a touch, her nipples stood proud and hard, and her body became alert and primed. 

(3 words over sorry...)

Happy Reading,

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

A fantastic short story from Ember Leigh

Please Welcome Ember Leigh...

A LOOK AT CARLOS AND CASEY: the new erotic short story from Ember Leigh.

Releasing from Breathless Press on September 12th, 2014.
NOW’S THE TIME…Get to know Ember Leigh’s work!
During September 10th – September 17th, get Ember Leigh’s erotic romance novel ‘Jaded’ for half off at Breathless Press.
Casey hasn't seen Carlos in four years, but a business trip brings the ex-lovers together, making them question whether the spark is still really there.
Blurb: Recently divorced, Casey has been longing for a man's touch. So when business brings her back to Carlos, the one that got away, it has to be fate. The four years apart have only done him better, and all she can think about is having his arms, and body, wrapped around hers. But Carlos is not the same man he was four years ago, and Casey too is feeling the weight of too much time gone by. Can Casey help reignite his fire or has time left them behind?


Her breath caught as she followed him up the staircase, tucked to the far side of the house. Carlos had always been fit enough, but it looked like he'd taken up some new form of exercise in the past four years. He was beefier, yet still lean. His ass moved round and tight in front of her as they climbed the stairs. At the landing, he gestured in front of them.
"This is my studio, but it's all yours for tonight."
It was a rec room that took up the whole second floor, and far more standard male than the ground floor alluded to. Movie posters, gaming systems, books scattered on floors and coffee tables, and, off to one side, the trumpet, asleep in a bed of sheet music. In the corner there was an overstuffed couch just about as wide as she was long – it would be great to sleep on, even better if he could bend her over that armrest and fuck her until dinner was ready.
She cleared her throat, deciding adult friendships could be fun, even after four questionable years. "I thought I'd be sharing a bed with you?" She tried to keep her tone playful as she sauntered toward the couch. She tossed him a smile and she caught a glimpse of him looking very stricken. Shit. Too far. Things are too different now. Abort!
Maybe too much time had passed in general. Maybe he was courting a girl and wanted to take it slow with her. Maybe he no longer found her attractive, four years becoming the dagger in the heart. Maybe he'd become celibate, or found her life too normal and boring. There was a whole list of reasons why she shouldn't make the first move.
"I was just joking," she said after a moment, rolling her eyes. "Come on, lighten up."
He exhaled slowly, looking down at the ground as his tongue found the corner of his mouth. "I know it was a joke, Case."
"In case you forgot, we used to share a bed." She looked at him pointedly, already horrified that the words were coming from her lips. What was the getting at? Who had authorized this dialogue?
He squeezed his eyes shut and laughed softly. "Oh, I remember."



Ember Leigh has been writing erotic romance novels since she was far too young.  A native of northern Ohio, she currently resides in South America with her Argentinean partner, a detail she uses to justify her Bachelor's degree in Latin American Literature. In addition to romance novels, she also writes travel articles, maintains three blogs, and continually attempts to complete a mildly-gripping short story. In her free time, she practices Ashtanga yoga, travels the world, and eats lots of vegetables.

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Twitter: @EmberLeighAuth

Monday, 8 September 2014

Oh Carlene how I love you so...

Oh yes...

Loving being here today at Raven’s place (cos I have cookies) as the Sin Pointe tour bus rolls in and the guys shuffle out. I’ll let the rest of them have a look around at all of Raven’s lovely dark furnishings while Stefan and I sit and relax. We’ve been sharing favorite snippets of his throughout the series while on blog tour and today’s comes from his just released book, Wicked Flower

The circumstances under which Stefan and Dani met were out of the ordinary and here, they are still in the early stages of getting to know each other. She’s snuck a magazine featuring the band into her car and when Stefan comes up to be let in so they can clear things up, she’s really hoping he won’t notice the interview. So much for wishing. Please enjoy from Wicked Flower and thanks again for having us, Raven…
(it's ALL my pleasure believe me)

She tried not to look at him straight on but that didn’t matter. It just sent her nose in search of his scent. Cinnamon, again. She would not think of how satisfying his taste was.
“You said you had a bone to pick with me. I’m assuming you’re wanting to tell me that the truck stop incident this morning was a huge mistake. So here’s where I tell you I already know that. And don’t worry, you don’t have to have dinner with me.” Mistake or not, she still wanted him.
“The bone that needs picking has nothing to do with that, sweetheart.” His chocolate brown gaze stripped her bare and stoked the need she was barely able to keep hidden.
So. Unfair. That word and the way it made her want to melt into his chest.
“It doesn’t?” she asked, hearing her voice hike up at the end. She shouldn’t let that happen again.
“No. Turns out that particular bone isn’t as important as I thought.”
“What? Why not?” She wanted to ask him why he’d chased her out here then if it wasn’t to have this discussion. But oh no, it was just then that he ever so slightly lifted his ass and reached a hand down underneath it. She went bug-eyed, then blew out a breath and pretended to see something out her side window. She wouldn’t look his way.
After a deafeningly silent minute, she heard him chuckle, low and dark. “Ahem. Read anything good lately?”
“You’re mean.”
“I know. Look at me,” he said.
But Dani just kept her eyes trained on the rivulets of rain showering her window and what she could now hear gaining in intensity in the distance and see crackling over the tops of faraway hills. Thunder and lightning. Round four, five or six. She’d lost count.
“Well, we can talk about this fun magazine or there’s always the time we got gas together and ended up…”
She cleared her throat and shot out the first question she could think of to keep him from going there. “What is it you’re so famous for saying?” Don’t fidget. He’s just another man.
“Hmm. I thought for sure you’d want to know about the bean bags.”
A tiny line of built up dust wedged in the cracks of the gear shift console caught her shifting eyes. It needed cleaning. Why had she never cleaned that before? She ran her fingernail over it, repeatedly trying to dislodge the bits. Stop it. She pulled her hand back into her lap.
“Fine, what’s the deal with the bean bags?” she asked, refusing to look at him yet and desperate to hide how curious she was about the silly things as well. Her imagination brought fresh waves of color to her neck and face. If the man did what he did in a bathroom stall, lord only knew what he’d be willing to do on a bean bag. She imagined him folding her like a pretzel and licking the salt from her sweaty body.
“Jaxon once told some interviewer that I could play bass anywhere a man could have sex. And then jokingly said I often engaged in the two at the same time. Somehow bean bags got thrown into the mix.”
She didn’t want to give in but it was impossible. “So now you get asked about it.”
“All the time.”
“That must suck.”
He let out a small laugh. “I could, in fact, perform both acts very well on bean bags but in case you were wondering, I don’t.”
“I wasn’t curious,” she lied through tight lips, her pretzel fantasy making her mouth dry.
Stefan was doing something with his tongue and his teeth inside his mouth, she just had no idea what. Outwardly, his cocky grin gave way to what she could only describe as sincerity.
“If you think you could stand to look at my ugly mug, I’d appreciate it.” He laid a hand in her hair and without thought, she turned her head all the way. That was no ugly mug. He was more handsome than any other man she’d ever met. So much so that his good looks made her nervous. A drop of water fell from the wet skin of his wrist and landed on her collarbone. It reminded her of the tear that had fallen earlier today, before she’d met him. She fought to keep her breath even.
“Why do you hold your guitar so low? It doesn’t look comfortable, at all.”
Something she said made him grin.
“What’s so funny?” she asked.
“Nothing. You’re just very pretty. And I like the way you talk when you’re nervous.”
How dare he point that out right here in the face of all her nervousness? “So you’re not going to answer me.”
“It looks good in pictures. Now you. Why did you let me … kiss you today?” he asked.

And here is the Wicked Flower blurb:
~Editor’s Pick
Sin Pointe front man Stefan Calderon is playing a very dangerous game and his mom’s live-in caretaker, Dani Foster, just landed right smack in the middle of it.
Practically strangers when Stefan rolls into his small hometown looking to patch things up with Mom, his and Dani’s worlds collide with a hot and intense hook up. He knows right away this woman will make the perfect partner for his two weeks in town. But when she realizes whose son he is, and what he’s there to do, sexy times come to an abrupt halt.
That is until they come up with a solution. Rules. Every game needs them. The question isn’t if they’ll break them, but when and how hard.
It’s a wickedly delicious game, one neither of them intends to lose.

Thanks for letting me share with you today. If you’d like to spend more time with Stefan in his own book, you can find Wicked Flower at these lovely places:
Evernight Amazon / All Romance eBooks / BookStrand

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Carlene Love Flores is a big fan of the stars (especially Orion), honest music (especially Depeche Mode), and her traveling family (no favorites there-she loves them all). These things inspire her intimate style of romance writing. She feels honored to be a member of Washington DC Romance Writers (WRWDC), Romance Writers of America and the Waterworld Mermaids. Carlene currently lives in the San Diego area where she can often be found listening to live music and looking up at the sky on clear nights.  If she could touch someone’s heart with her writing the way others have done for her, she’d say truly there never lived a luckier girl.  
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