Wednesday, 20 June 2018

#MidWeekTease with a dilemma—DeAnne's Dilemma

Now DeAnne's Dilemma is out so you can get your hands on it, (I was going to say sticky little mitts, but that's rude)

So instead I'll give you a tease from it, And of course the buy link 

Let's see, what shall I tease you with?



“Anyway, what next?” Sandie asked, and I stopped thinking about coffee with whisky, and about how to hold my stomach in and
not let the girls hang low or go free instead.
“You hide your hickey?” I suggested. It was so noticeable it

shouted, “I’ve been fucked.” “Just because it’s a wedding pic.” Not at all because I was jealous. Not now at any rate. I hoped I didn’t show any evidence, but oh boy, wasn’t I in the same situation. “Otherwise if you get it, why not flaunt it, you lucky sod.”
“I am, aren’t I? Boy, he was... Oh, fu—shi—er, flip,” Sandie stammered and then went red. She’d split up with a no-good scumbag a few months before and on her own admission didn’t trust her judgment in men. “Might be a good idea. Anyone got some concealer?”
Beatrix sighed and fished a slim stick out of a pocket. Sandie took it with a sweet and insincere smile. “Proper little right-hand woman, eh?” she said quietly to me as she accepted it with a saccharine smile and said “thank you” out loud. “But why does it make me want to bitch-slap her?”
“Too good to be true?” I suggested. I totally understood. The woman had a way of rubbing people up the wrong way without even trying. I wouldn’t want to be her other half.
“Probably. Bet she pulls wings off flies.”
After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, Beatrix eventually arranged us to her satisfaction with only a few very caustic comments, one of which was about how I seemed to have changed shape and my color had heightened. “You’ll need to make sure you’re slightly behind one of the others.”
“She can’t. She’s the boss bridesmaid,” Leslie objected. “Got to be up at the front.”
“Then she shouldn’t look like that,” Beatrix snapped. “She looks...” Her voice trailed off.
Bitch. Now, I’d love to say I don’t get that riled easily, but that would be an out and out lie. I do. As Quinn once said, from placid to harridan in thirty seconds or less. And when I do, take cover.
This was a take cover time. I straightened and out of the corner of my eyes saw my fellow maids exchange amused glances. They knew me and my temper.
“Well, honey,” I drawled and almost made myself sick with the sugary, saccharine, sweet tone. Behind me Sandie snorted, and Rhonda pinched my waist in warning to back off. She recognized that tone. However, it was too late.
“Believe me, there was a very good, six foot four, dark haired, blue eyed, sexy as hell reason for that. You see, I’ve just been thoroughly fucked.”
Sandie high-fived. “And me. Though no blue eyes involved. More of a dark, dark grey. We’re allowed.” She stared at the hapless, red-faced—though I guess not through a good fuck—photographer, while I rapidly went through the guest list to try to remember who had dark, dark grey eyes.
“So,” Sandie said in an exaggerated manner. “What’s your excuse, honey? Sheer bitchiness?”
Leslie, usually the peacemaker, added her two pennorth. “Lucky sods, both of you. I swear I’d need a manual to find my lady bits.” She rolled her eyes as she used the euphemism we all hated. “I’ll have to live vicariously through you both.”
Hmm, probably not. “Yeah well, now you’ll have to live through the rest of these photos or we’ll never get away, and you definitely will need a manual. On how to dispose of the body.”
Even Beatrix laughed at that, and I felt a right rotten bastard. Oh, for all of four seconds until she rearranged her features into a scowl and stamped her foot.

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And as it's book 2

Sunday, 17 June 2018

#SexySnippets with a man on a mission

This week it's seven sentences from this unnamed Dark Isle I'm writing (as Kera Faire) 

Aiden Fox, usually known, revered and feared in equal measures as Fox or The Fox, scanned the emails sent to him, swore and cussed one Michael Hoult. He was becoming a nuisance.
First of all the man had left the covert group Fox had overseen—unknown—then turned up as a bloody Dispatcher.
Now he was certain someone was intercepting his emails and he wouldn’t bet his pension to insist it wasn’t Hoult.
The irony was he had the intention of using the dispatchers not dispersing them like his lord and masters thought he would.
Maybe it was time to turn the situation to his own advantage. Rapidly Fox began to from the date ascertained, it will change for it is as it was feared the... and sent it unfinished.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

#MidWeekTease from a new Death Isle story, by Kera Faire

This week's #MidWeekTease is from the next Death Isle book by Kera Faire. (my dark side)

What do you think?

(It is word vomit)

"Do you miss it?" Astrid asked as she and Darke leant on the empty pig sty and gazed out across the loch. 
The December day was drawing to a close, the sky full of snow, and the air scented with that indefinable smell of winter. Most of the trees that once shielded the buildings had been chopped down the rest denuded of leaves. It was both desolate and beautiful.
A heron flew over, the sound of its wings loud in the stillness.
Astrid shivered as she looked up at her silent husband.
"You know, the adrenaline, the danger, the knowledge you were doing something positive to make out country a better place for our kids to grow up?"
Darke stirred, turned to lean his back on the wall of the pen and pulled her toward him. 
"Yes and no. I find it somewhat alarming that to all intents and purposes it's deemed the Dispatchers aren't necessary. Perturbed that this new government seems to think everything in the world is hunky dory, and they don't need people like us." He sighed and kissed his wife's nose. "If I felt the same, I'd turn my back on it all, take you and the kids ad emigrate to n island in the south pacific and lotus eat for the rest of our lives." 
"You'd be bored rigid within a week," Astrid said shrewdly.
Darke laughed. "Oh so true my love.' He sobered and stared down at his wife. "Between us? I have that itch. The one that tells me to be alert, that something is going to go down before long." He stood silent for a moment. "I think we need to get everyone together, see what we can find out, and be aware."

If you'd like to find out more about Death Isle the books are all on Amazon or Evernight here

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

#TantalizingTuesdays and My Future (well not mine but you know what I mean)

So a bit different, and hello yes it's me again.

This week, I'm giving you something you might hate me for.

His Future

(Source pinterest)

This time it would be different. This time I would ask, not plunder.
This time
I told her as she begged me not to go ahead. She was mine.
To my shame, taken by me, as my tribe decreed.
To my shame.
I took, I left.
Now it will be different. I promise myself that.
I keep my vows.
The boat surges ahead. I hold on, the rope around my hand keeps the fender ready.
I’ve missed her. Pleasured myself with her name on my lips.
Forced myself to wait until I can be with her forever.
My Cordelia. My lady of the sea.
I land and stride to the village. Eager to see my love once more.
The wailing greets me.
Where is my lady?
I look toward the church.
A coffin sits outside.
My stomach clenches. The priest sees me and walks over.
‘My lord.’ His old lined face stares at me with pity. ‘She is gone.’
 I walk around him. To gaze at my lifeless love.
‘How?’ I could say no more.
‘By giving you your future.’
I spin round. A white haired crone hands me a wriggling bundle.
My future stares at me, farts and smiles.

So, there's, me, Doris O'Connor here and my alter ego Katy Lilley here who have decided to tease you here.


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Sunday, 10 June 2018

#SexySnippets with a man and a razor

Hi everyone,

Welcome to SexySnippets.

Today's #SexySnippets are from an early Regency book of mine. Nash's Niche. It came about because this popped on my this day bit on FaceBook. From 5 years ago. Goodness. But as I read it I thought...hmmm, that's perfect for #SexySnippets


A chance meeting at a masked ball leads to explosive and unforgettable sex for both Nash and Felicity.
Reunited under dangerous circumstances, they realize they may have to fight for their love, especially when Felicity is promised to Nash's brother.
With the future of the country at stake and unsure who to trust, can there be a happily ever after for the star stuck lovers?

Here's your #SexySnippets

He cut her curls as short as he could. 
Her eyes widened as the cold steel skimmed over her skin. It seemed his lady was oh so receptive to that cold touch. 
If only he had some ice he could introduce her to many more sensations. Nash let the closed blades stroke her cleft, and laughed softly as she gasped and took a deep shuddering breath. 
It was with reluctance he put the scissors down and picked up the razor and strop and denuded a small circle of hair just above the entrance to her channel. He wanted to pin her under him, and tease every last inch of her with the chill of anticipation before showing her how heat and cold could work so well together.

You can find Nash's Niche on Amazon, Bookstrand, Smashwords and here (Evernight Publishing)

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MidWeekTease with a guest...who says, love changes everything

Hi all please welcome my guest Peri Elizabeth Scott, with Love Changes Everything


Simon has developed feelings for the girl who bedeviled him growing up, his best friend's sister--not that Alys is a girl any longer. She's a grown-up, beautiful, wonderful woman who makes him crazy. He obtains her brother's permission to ask her out. And is rejected. 

Alys is innocent and plans to stay that way until she meets a man who holds the same moral code, regardless of her lengthy crush on Simon. Privy to his escapades and conquests, her jealousy has turned to distaste ans she sets herself on a different path. She wants a man who has refrained from meaningless affairs, who has waited for the special woman. And that's not Simon!

Simon does the research but Google assures him he can't become re-virginized and thus Alys is beyond his reach--until one day when he takes her, as a friend, for lunch in his beloved truck. That day, love changes everything.

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“Sorry.” Alys’s response was short but succinct.
Simon waited, but she wasn’t forthcoming with any excuses. “You’re … you’re saying no?”
A quick blink, a sweep of thick, dark lashes before those impossibly golden eyes widened. “I guess I should have said no. But I am sorry.”
It was insane, but he wanted to continue the conversation, even figuring he’d regret it. “Why are you sorry?”
A faint tinge of pink colored her cheekbones and a couple of little white teeth worried a corner of her full bottom lip. “I get asked out a lot. And I know it can’t be easy to get turned down.”
Her reply should have reeked of feminine arrogance, yet it didn’t. If anything, it was considered and thoughtful, and despite the twinge of her rejection, he found himself admiring her for it. But wasn’t that Alys? Kind. Caring.
A hint of surprise followed, confusing him. It didn’t make a lot of sense when he dwelled on it—rarely was he turned down and when it happened, it didn’t bother him. This was different, and a twofer. Huh.
Telling himself it didn’t matter did not stop him from pursuing it like a juvenile trout after a cleverly crafted, manmade fly. “Is there a reason you won’t go out with me?”
Another blink, accompanied by her tucking a strand of silky red-gold hair behind her ear betrayed what he thought was a bit of nervousness, and he thought to back down. Aside from his intense need to have her, Alys brought out some weird emotions in him, ones he might catalog as protectiveness—even possessiveness—and that wasn’t him. Better he let those sleeping dogs lie. He was crazy about her but clearly, the sentiment wasn’t returned.
“Never mind. Forget I asked.” Even to his ears he sounded peevish and decided to add petulant to his rapidly increasing scope of emotions. Time to get gone. He was back to fleeing from her.
She said, “I don’t date men who’ve … been around.

About the Author:  

Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in Manitoba, Canada and pretends to work well with her husband in their seasonal business.

Writing for years, along with her alter ego and three coauthors, she has published over 53 novels, including dark erotica and contemporary romance in a variety of genres, and reads most anything she can lay her hands on.