Sunday, 12 November 2017

#SexySnippets... With something a little different

Hi all and welcome to this week's #SexySnippets.

Did you know,  the lovely Doris O'Connor (who we have to thank for setting this up every week) has her birthday today? (21 and a bit ;) )
So instead of 7 sentences from a book or WIP...

My seven sentences are about my bestie, my reditor, the mother of my grandson.

Who has a great hubby.

Doris is loyal and hard working.

Her writing makes you hunt out a fan and use it.

Or hunt out your significant other.

She's always there for me.

Makes me laugh. 

If you saw some of our skype conversations you'd wonder what planet we're on.

I bless the day we discovered each other. We live at opposite ends of the country but that doesn't matter.

Happy Birthday, Doris. Hope it's as great as you. 


Check out her web here

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Happy Reading,

Love Raven xx


  1. Oh my goodness, you made me cry. Love you too, Raven, and I couldn't imagine life without you in it :-) <3

  2. Such nice words!! She totally deserves all that praise :)