Wednesday, 15 November 2017

#MidWeekTease where normal service has resumed. Well as normal as service is around here

I say as normal as service is around here, because today I'm a cat on a hot tin roof. Probably, by the time you read it (if indeed you do read it and your eyes aren't glazed over by now, because I won't blame you if they are) I'll have shared my oh so exciting big news. If you are indeed on the ball and still reading before around 4pm UK time, then you'll have to wait impatiently, like me.

So to help you pass the time here's my #MidWeekTease


Working title Amanda and the Duke

...Amanda acknowledged she was bored. The duke was conspicuous in his absence and she didn’t

 know whether to be pleased or not.

Now she was back in the capital with her time of grace almost up, her papa had made several heavy hints that it was time to move forward and begin to spend some time with the Duke. Not an easy task when he was nowhere to be seen. Careful and seemingly idle chit chat had told her he’d gone to one of his estates to sort out something to do with thatch and the bakers. It was annoying when she had at last come up with a plan of action, and didn’t help her nerves.
 After snapping at her brother, who snapped back, they ended up squabbling like children.
Margot, who arrived mid argument rolled her eyes, folded her arms and leaned against the wall. She was, she said later, prepared to be amused, as neither combatant seemed to realise she was there, even though the butler had announced her in stentorian tones.
Eventually Michael swung around, lunged for a cushion and noticed her. His mouth dropped open, and his face suffused with colour.
‘I...’ he stammered and dropped the cushion like a hot coal.
 ‘You are... oh lord...’ Amanda’s lips twitched. 'Margot. How long have you been there?’
‘Long enough to hear you call him a cloth headed buffoon,' Margot reported. ‘And he to say you dance like a herd of forest ponies on the rampage. Then of course...’
“Enough,’ Michael said hastily. I’m sorry you were privy to all our childishness.’
Amanda laughed. ‘Not all of it, Michael. She’d be using your smelling salts if she had.’
'Enough of it to show us both in a bad light... My what?’ he roared. “I do not have smelling salts’. His lips twitched. ‘You wretch.’

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