Monday, 14 August 2017

The Gluten Free Author's guide to goodies or not... A ponder on sauce.

Yes that's rights. Sauce. Not saucy or risqué. Sauce of the ketchup kind.

Specifically as to how the so called same make of ketchup is not actually always the same.

You all know what I'm talking about I reckon. When I was little (many, many moons ago, I admit) it was knows as the 57 varieties. Goodness knows how many there are now. Especially as their tomato ketchup comes in more than one 'variety'.

I say variety, I mean recipe of course. Depending what country you are depends on what you  get in your bottle. (Be it squeezy or not)

And therein lies a problem. Because it means your fail safe put on the happily found g-f burger, isn't necessarily g-f.

(I don't even look for brown sauce. That's a nightmare)

As I found out, ketchup-wise, to my detriment on a recent holiday. Luckily before I'd actually dipped my chips in it my husband (bless him) had put some ketchup on his plate tasted it and remarked it neither looked or tasted as he expected. Even making allowances for the weather.

I checked the ingredients. Not the same, and it didn't specify if it was spirit, wine, or malt vinegar. Even the tomato content was different. I erred in the side of caution, ate my burger sauce-less and cussed the fact I'd not thought I'd need good old UK ketchup with me.

The lesson? Read the labels, read the labels, even if it is a well known familiar brand.

And pack your ketchup.

Or of course nip to a farmer's market stock up on tomatoes and make your own

Happy (and g-f where needed) eating,

love Raven x

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