Friday, 25 August 2017

Raven wonders...Is that it? And now what?

Yes it is and who knows?

That's right, the end of an era. Well the end of a series anyway.

Are you scratching your head and wondering what I'm babbling on about now? 

The Cleaner. The seventh and last book in the Death Isle series, written under the name of my dark side, Kera Faire.

You see, when I started the series with The Dispatcher, I only thought there would only be three books in the series. The Dispatcher, The Jeweler and The End Game.

Set on an island on Loch Lomond the stories revolve round a group of govenment sanctioned operatives who kill traitors. On the island. With their preferred method of feeding them to the pigs. Who aren't bothered if their dinner is alive or dead. As long as it isn't frozen or only partially defrosted. 

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I honestly thought three was it.

Then it was the run up to Christmas, and a Christmas story idea popped into my head, and Killer at Christmas came out. 

Enough? Well I did think so util I was invited to the opening of a new glass making furnace.Before I left I'd got the 'makings' of the next book, The Furnace Man. Fascinating stuff to discover another way how to murder someone and leave no trace.

Then I realised that actually there were several loose threads to tie in. People we needed to know about and just who the baddies were.

To this end, The Carpenter was published, and now the very last book (honestly) The Cleaner is out.

I'm really pleased to see it out and ready to hit an eReader near you. Not only because it finished the series, but also because it gave me a chance to fulfil a promise and name my hero Rhonda after one of the nicest readers I know.  Now I'll just bite my nails and hope she likes it.

All these amazing covers have been created by the fabulous Jay Aheer and I can not thank her, my editor JoAnne Soper Cook, and everyone at Evernight Publishing enough. 
Not to mention my fantastic readers. Let's face it if you didn't read them, where would I be? (crying into my wine) Thank you all xxx

I've loved writing this series, I wish it didn't have to end, but seven stories are enough. The last thing I want to do is rehash the same story over and over, so it's farewell to Death Isle.

Hopefully not farewell to Kera though. Mind you I'll have to wait until my muse tells me what Kera intends to write.

And on that note, I will go and ponder on what to write next. Come on muse, hit me with it.

You can get The Cleaner here

and on Amazon, Bookstrand and Kobo

Happy Reading,

love Raven x

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  1. Aw,I'm sad to see it end. Such a fab series :-)