Wednesday, 9 August 2017

#MidWeekTease With a cover reveal and a sub stuck between a rock and a hard place...

Yep, my #MidWeekTease is my new book cover. 

The Cleaner

Coming from Evernight Publishing on 25th August.

The last book in the Death Isle series

Rhonda Verene never thought she’d find herself pregnant and on her own with no means to get hold of the father. If only she hadn’t deleted his number in anger.
There is only one thing for it, pull up her soon to be maternity knickers and find the one bit of family she had left—her brother.
Dan Traynor hated having to leave Rhonda behind. When your country needs you, however, you act. Besides, it’s not every day you’re offered a job with the dispatchers.
It’s not every day your ex crashes your workplace in search of her missing brother either, never mind the whole becoming a daddy issue.
With everyone’s life in danger, the time hardly seems right to resume their relationship, but love always finds a way.
Especially on Death Isle.
He was so good at making her want more.
How could she have ever sent him away? He was the only person who could make her feel like this—alive, ready to do whatever her Sir told her. To wait, patiently—almost—as he gave her the attention she required and allowed and encouraged her to fly and sink into that perfect sub space of knowing she was his. Rhonda moaned as her ass warmed and her breathing sped up. It was a dream, surely? Nothing as good as this sense of belonging had been hers since he went. But it seemed oh so real. It had to be real.
He’d come back. Joy filled her along with arousal. Her thighs were damp and her clit hard. The pulse between her pussy and ass throbbed as she waited for what might, just might happen next.
“Hello, my sweetness. Is my pet ready for me?”
“Yes, Sir. Oh yes.”
The heat and the intensity of his gaze as he stroked her cheek, the way his eyes sparkled and his lips quirked, were enough for her nipples to become hard stinging nubs. His cock—oh my his magnificent cock—the tip shining with the evidence of his arousal, made her throat dry and her body tingle. He bent and took one of those hard nubs into his mouth with a nip and a bite at the same time as his dick pressed against her pussy. Rhonda moved restlessly, inched nearer and gave into one long, breathy moan of need. She was eager to taste him, experience him inside her once more and relieve the heightening tension and arousal that flooded through her body.
“Enough, sweetness. I say when, do I not?” He pinched her non-bitten nipple. “Your arousal is mine to give or deny. Be a good little pet and all will be yours.”
That sharp instantaneous pain made her jump, even as he spread her legs and positioned his cock at her entrance.
“Ready? I’m going to ride you hard and fast. Hear you scream my name and thank your Sir. For we both need this don’t we, pet? Get ready and …”
“No…” Her scream echoed around the room. “God, no, the baby, n…” She opened her eyes.
Her ass hurt for all the wrong reasons.
It was a bloody dream.
She’d fallen asleep sitting at the table and half slipped off the bench. So one cheek was on cushion and one on wood and the crack of her ass was wedged most uncomfortably between the two.

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  1. Lol, poor woman! Fab tease, Raven :-)

  2. What a place to leave it! Great job.

  3. Aw, MAN! That's a hell of a way to have your character wake up, Raven! Fantastic tease. :-D