Monday, 10 July 2017

The Gluten free authors guide to goodies. an 'ode' to ODE

This week boy it's a goodie. Definitely a goodie.

and indeed Cafe Ode at Ness Cove (G-f blondies OMG...melt in your mouth stuff)

But today I'm drooling all over again about the amazing meal we had at Ode Dining in Fore Street Shaldon, Devon.

I almost didn't say where it is, because you know, we want to be able to get a table next time we're in Shaldon. But truly, food as good as this, the best gluten free food I have ever eaten (yes it is that good, believe me) should be shouted about. (Just let them know when you book.)

Tim, Clare and the team have excelled themselves in creating quality, ethically sourced food, that tastes superb. And they go the extra yard for those of us who can't eat gluten. Last year Cafe Ode, at Ness Cove made g-f scones when I said how much I missed them.

There's even a brewery there now, thanks to brewer Andy. Two Beach Brewing company. Hubby is happy.

Anyway back to this amazing tasting menu at Ode. 

I really did try to photo the menu but it's too big, so you'll just have to take my word for most of it. (and I was so busy eating, inhaling and enjoying everything, I only took one picture.)

Tim and his team must roll their eyes and groan when I book, because not only can I not eat gluten, I hate cheese. It turns my stomach. But you know? They are great, and so, while hubby tucked into his white onion soup with cheese etc in it, I had the best tomato soup ever. It was out of this world. (Should have begged for the recipe)

Plus hubby got their home made bread, this year, and I got a scone to compliment the tapenade and so on. Not only that I got one to take home as well.

And this is the one picture I did take of my sugar cure haunch of Haldon wild fallow deer, coffee carrots, and black olive toffee, picked shitake and Dawlish truffle. Everything else I ate and then thought damn I really should have taken  picture of that. Hubby reminded me here. Ty hon.

(My mouth is watering as I look at that pic)

This restaurant gets ever better, and it is one of out must go to places. It's even in one of my forthcoming books. After all my hero is trying to impress the heroine and what better place to do it?

Tim Bouget, many, many thanks for yet an another amazing meal. 

If anyone wants to check out the Ode outlets, click here for their website. 

And on that note, happy eating drinking and reading,

love Raven x

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