Monday, 17 July 2017

#TantalisingTuesdays Maybe...

One picture, two takes on it.

Maybe I should just let it happen? Believe it is right? Let things go as they should and not worry?
Pretend it is all okay? That nothing is wrong. That I do not have that lump of dread, misery and horror inside me. That he is here with me and we are happy.
 That nothing untowards occurred.
And that is about as likely as anything.
 Because I have to be honest. If I’m not, how can I expect anyone else to be?
Didn’t he always say truth and honestly or nothing.
So now I have to face up to my future. Admit what happened and deal with it. Tell everyone that no, I’m not all right. How could I be?
I miss him. A big part of me is no longer here. I’m alone and scared.
What should I do?
“You know what to do.” The voice was in her around her, floating on the breeze.
“Accept my kiss. Come to me. Be part of me and let us be together again.”
He bent his head until he was scant inches away.
“Be us. Us forever.” He paused. “Just not in this world.”

His mouth got closer. She leaned towards him and...

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