Tuesday, 8 May 2012

what a difference a day makes...

well a day or two...in a car journey.

 As anyone who reads my blogs ( if anyone does) you'll know I had a very interesting drive 'down south' the other day. ( Scotland to Yorkshire, it's south)

So I drove back on Sunday.

And what a difference. Yes there were a few lorries, yes the 'sun'day sunday drivers who think it's compulsory to hog the middle of the road whilst pointing at trees and woow... cows all whilst driving at 25 miles an —max, were out in force!

The roof was down, the ipod on high and I was singing along to alternative sixties music.  (yeah, yeah, but I was young then!) Loudly, until I realized maybe my out of tune warbling could be heard. And then I thought, ohh so what! And carried on.

It was a brilliant drive, I loved it, and plotted what I hope will be a new regency novel, and sorted out something that had been niggling me in a WIP.

The sun shone all the way home, all 200 plus miles, until, wait for it i got to the bottom of my lane.. half a mile from home.

 and ....


Well I wasn't stopping to put the top up (with a 6ft plus tall DH I had to get a soft, non automatic top so he could actually fit in. Though I notice if he want's us to go to the pub, he er "can't drive comfy with the roof up and it might rain so will you drive dear?" Is the refrain.)
I have a very good answer. "Let's take your car, and you drink soda!" (we walk into the village and go to that pub instead!)

So I drove along the road, up our drive and into the garage, before I looked like a yeti.

The minute I parked the damned snow stopped!

So, anyway.........

I have had two books out sort of over the weekend

Ad-dick-tion Vol 2 came out from www.breathlesspress.com on friday... yes I know i've bragged, please bear with me as I brag again and show off the cover...

   ****     *****    *****     *****     *****     *****     *****   

And on Monday, In The Recess Of Her Soul came out from www.nobleromance.com My devilish tale, which I have to thank Gus, my ed, and The O'Connii for showing me how to improve it!

Blurb...Release your inner devil and pay the price. Was a year of hot sex worth the humiliation to come?
For over a year, Livvy woke up sobbing, hot, bothered, and reaching for something. Sael was the something, but he had a secret, one that would make or break them, and could well cost him his existence.

Here's an excerpt, Sael is trying to explain to Livvy what's happening.

"The Devil?"
Hellfire and damnation, why did humans always react like that? "Not the Devil. A Devil. Your Devil. Your Devil Within." What is it with humans and their stupid, rigid, preconceived ideas? Sael retracted
his fangs, proud he hadn't succumbed to the urge to plant them firmly into one lush breast and openly mark her as his. Next time, though, just let her spit out some sass, and he'd fang her as well as fuck her. His cock began to grow hard at the thought.
C'mon, Livvy-love, give me some cheek. Let me show you who's in charge. Better the Devil you know and all that.
"You're so full of yourself. Who are you, anyway? What are you doing here, and why the hell aren't I on the phone to the police reporting you for rape?" Her eyes blazed at him; he could see the fire within. Did she even know what a turn-on those flames were? He might not be The Devil, but all Devils had some pyrokinetic tendencies.
"Why? Because, my dear, you're mine. Your mind knows it. I know it, and your body knows it. Why else are you marked? My cum is your stain. Forever. Look at you; you wear my sign."
"Crap." She turned away as she spoke, all stiff-backed and indignant. "I'm my own person. No bloody dream machine is going to tell me otherwise."This time, he smacked her bare ass harder. He watched the red mark glow and grow with satisfaction.
She rubbed at it, her glare belligerent.
Sael spoke patiently, well, as patiently as a Devil with yet another hard-on and no immediate way of softening it could.
"Listen, Livvy, and listen well. You're mine, and however much you try to avoid it, you know you are. Why else would you let me come to you, come over you every night? I am your master, and your body accepts this. Hellfire and damnation, how can I be lying when your body shows I'm not? Your mind also accepts it, when you let it. Well, love, time to let it. Or I'll show you how I can make you accept it. Show you how I can dominate and push you to limits you're not yet ready for."
How many times do I have to tell her I am in charge? Can't she see that, feel it? Women!
"I don't think you're quite ready for that yet. Do you? You still have obedience issues."
She spluttered. Sael laughed. His Livvy so had problems with her attitude. She stared at him as if he had three heads. He let his fangs out, just enough to make her eyes widen.
"If I choose to master you now, you'll hurt. When I take you, when I let my fangs run over you and into you, you're going to be sated, ready, willing, and begging. Then, and only then, will we be truly us." He licked his lips and widened his smile, just enough for her to see that extra row of tiny, razor-sharp incisors he occasionally, very occasionally, let free.
Once more, he slapped that delectable ass, this time lightly, just to get her moving.
Livvy moved so fast he hadn't seen the thump to his jaw coming! His head flipped back, and he saw stars. Not good, not good at all. Stars, for fuck's sake. She couldn't have the decency to let him see the dark side of the moon. Grr.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

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  1. never a dull moment with you is there? Lol Congrats on your new releases xx

  2. ooh this sounds wicked! going on my to be read list

  3. Only in Scotland re the snow ;-)