Sunday, 12 February 2017

#SexySnippets with a tongue twister and Death Isle

 Woot it's #SexySnippets time

What a roller coaster week. I've signed two contracts, had (and still got) a rotten cold, and undone 12 inches of knitting!
But the two contracts thing is great. One book, The Furnace Man (Death Isle, Kera Faire) will be out from Evernight Publishing in April.
The other The Earl and the Courtesan, will be out in May from Totally Bound.

Inbox stalking for covers and edits will commence forthwith.

As the Kera book is out first I thought I'd take my #SexySnippets from the last Death Isle book. Killer at Christmas. (It gives me a chance to show off the fantastic cover created by Jay Aheer as well.)

(Rio has not long returned from a Dispatcher's job, and is telling Darke, his boss he isn't in the mood to do another one. Darke is not impressed.)

“I’m pissed off, pushing my prick into a pathetic pulsating pussy.”
Darke didn’t react, damn him. Rio was proud of that sentence. He’d practiced the tongue twister until he was sure he didn’t get the words the wrong way round. ‘My prick’s pathetic and pussy’ didn’t have the same effect.
“You forgot panting, provocative and partisan,” Darke said. “What’s the problem, you’ve had three months of peace and quiet. Time to get moving again.” 

Death Isle...where nothing is as it seems.

Killer at Christmas, and all the other Death Isle books are available from Evernight Publishing

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Happy reading,

love Raven 


  1. Congrats on the contracts, Raven! Another intriguing snippet as always!

  2. LOL. Yeah. He's not impressed. 😂😂
    Congratulations on the new contracts!

  3. Hehe, love a good tongue twister, and poor Rio, lol. He has no idea what's coming. Pun intended :-P

  4. Congrats on the contracts! Great snippet!

  5. I love getting these sneak peaks! Congrats on the contracts!!

  6. My favorite of this series so far!!! Love Rio!