Tuesday, 13 September 2016

#TT Enough...

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200 words and a picture of your choice.

This is maybe not a picture in some people's eyes, but it worked for me...


How can one word make such a difference? She sat alone and watched the car disappeared into the distance.
The heavens opened, and supposedly mourned with her. Tears and rain mingled until she had no idea which was which.
And hardly cared.
One tiny word. One insignificant, tiny word, that suddenly meant everything.
Did he mean it?
Oh yes.
Did he know how it would affect her? Did he even care?
She doubted it.
Had he thought about it?
How long had he wanted to say it? She had no idea, but it was said. Spoken. Shared.
How would she cope?
The rain stopped. Yes! Oh my, yes.
That was what he’d said as he stood by the door, bag in hand, car boot open, ready to fill the space with golf clubs, clothes and god knows what else.
He’d had enough? Of what? Her cooking? Good. Of not always handing him whisky as he walked through the door? Tough.
Meryl chuckled, wiped away her tears—of laughter—picked up her bag, checked the money she removed from their joint account was all there, and closed the front door behind her.
Oh yes it was enough.

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  1. Love the style you use, the abruptness fits the nature of the piece, the relationship.

  2. Enough indeed. Loved this!

  3. Love it. Really well written and perfect revenge