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#MidWeekTeasewhere Coll is told ... "females have their brain in their head not in their go…gonads."

Welcome to #MidWeekTease again

So good to see you all here. This week My #MidWeekTease is from Secrets Dispelled, the six and final book in Diomhair, my BDSM series set in a Scottish Castle.

The rain had almost stopped when he got outside but the bloody midges were out in force. Coll slammed the front door—he didn’t want a houseful of the little blighters— and looked around. The area closest to the castle was empty.
So which way?
Mindful that for some obscure reason it could be a trap of some sort, although why, Coll had no idea, for life around Diomhair—as far he knew—had been uneventful of late, he scanned the area carefully. Then he moved towards the major driveway that headed direct to the main road, and wondered, why now? Even the ubiquitous white van that had dogged the area on and off like a bad penny and given several of them a bad time seemed to have disappeared.
Nothing disturbed the midges or the mist and as he rounded the first bend, Coll wondered if he should have headed in the other direction.
Something under a tree caught his eye and he veered towards it.
 A quad bike, old and on its last legs. As far as he could recall he'd never seen it before. However a locked box welded to the back, made him think for a moment. A Farmer? If so what the hell was he doing around here? And why leave his bike? Coll circled it once and noticed that the engine was still warm.
Curiouser and curiouser. Oh he knew the estate supported farmers and gamekeepers and such like, but why on earth would one of them be around the main drive, in such weather?
 A scuffling noise alerted him to the presence of someone or something close and he spun around on his heel. Well, as best he could in squelchy, muddy undergrowth. A thick, thorny, wet branch missed his cheek by inches and a splatter of water tricked over his face and down his neck.
 Fuck, shit and double fuck.
The young woman—the muddy and bruised young woman with deep green, and pain filled eyes—who pointed a shotgun at him swayed.
 "You fucker what the hell is all this shit, eh? I should just shoot your balls off and be done with it. In fact if you don't start taking pdq I might just do that."
 Coll froze and like all mistreated goodies in bad westerns, slowly put his hands in the air, even though he really wanted to use them to cover his bollocks.
"Ha, see, a…" She blinked owlishly. "A… oh fuck it, who are you and why did you knock me out? I guess I should be grateful you didn’t half-inch Sean while you were at it."
 Sean? The gamekeeper? What had she got to do with him? No that couldn't be right, there was no Sean working in the estate as far as Coll knew.
"My dog. Where is he?" She took one step forward and went white. "If you've hurt him, I will kill you. Slowly. Godalmighty do you know how dangerous it is to knock someone out while they carried a loaded gun?" She swayed again and shut her eyes. Not long enough for him to try any heroics though. She opened them immediately and he swore he could see pain and confusion in her expression. She wasn't the only one in the confused part of the equation.
"There was no dog here."
"Do you?" she ignored his comment about dogs, spoke angrily, and then winced. "Hell so where's Sean gone… oh no, that's right he's at Lachy's. I forgive you." She said that so stiffly he could see how much she hated it. “But you didn’t know that.”
There was a bruise forming on her cheek, and his mystery lady touched it briefly. "Shit and fuck a black eye as well."
"I didn't. Knock you out. I'm as much at sea as you are."
 Coll lowered his hands and took a step toward her. To do what? She waved the gun and he stood still again.
"Ru…rubbish. No sea for miles." The gun pointed at him, a tree and back at him again.
"Don’t you know it's dangerous to wave a gun round?" he asked in as mild a tone as he could manage whilst castigating himself for being caught like an idiot. "You might hit something."
 Damn he hoped his tone didn't make her think he thought that any other time it was unlikely. He didn’t want her to prove herself.
"Exactly, so you better ho…hope…I've got the safety on eh?" She blinked twice. "Do you think oh well, it's only a girl…" she invested the word with scorn, "so she wouldn't blow you brains out. You're wrong. That, in case you have enough no…nous to wonder why, is because females have their brain in their head not in their go…gonads."
She seemed to have trouble formulating her thoughts and words. Concussion?
"It's not loaded." Coll made his tone as confident as anyone could with a gun pointed at their gonads. He had no idea if it was or wasn't, but whoever she was carried it well enough to make him think she was too experienced not to have the bloody thing unloaded.
He hoped.
His mystery lady blinked again. "Shwhat?" She looked down at the gun, and shook her head. "Whosh says?"
"You did." Now he had to hope if she was concussed as he assumed, she had no idea what she had and hadn't said.
"Oh bugger." She swung the gun towards a tree a fair few yards away and pressed the trigger.
Coll ducked as bits of bark and leaves flew in all directions.
She looked at the gun like she'd never seen it before and broke it open. Then she stared at Coll.
"You lied."
Before he had a chance to reply, his mystery lady slid like an over cooked noodle onto the wet ground.
Coll stared at the woman—no, girl he amended as he took a proper look at the person slumped in front of him and wondered what he'd done to deserve it. Or what she had either.
Something stunk, and it wasn't just the wet vegetation. He studied the area they were in carefully, but nothing, or no one disturbed the rain. Just him and an unconscious female.
At least it had stopped hailing and sleeting but it was almost dark, murky and bloody miserable. The last thing he could do was leave the girl outside in the damp and wait for her to wake up. She needed warmth and dry as soon as possible.

Was it safe to move her? He shrugged mentally. It was a lot safer than getting pneumonia, and he reckoned it should be okay, especially after she'd been able to stand upright—sort off—and shoot. Anyway he really didn't have much choice. He made sure she was in sight as he picked up the shotgun, broke it open and checked it was empty. Now what? Coll would be the first person to admit he knew about as much of guns as most people knew about his personal preferences. To whit Shibari, scribing and clamps.

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  1. Great teaser. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. She's definitely got a concussion. Great tease, Raven. :)