Friday, 12 February 2016

#FFF Advertising is...

welcome to #FFF 100 inspired  by a picture given to us by #FFF

This is this week's...

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He spat a mouthful of tulle and lace out and increased his pace.
“Over here, Eric.”
He swerved to miss a molehill, the body over his shoulder bumped and he swore.
Bloody, crazy…what the fuck am I doing?
“This way dammit.”
That fucking, stupid, annoying voice. Even so he changed direction. The breeze whipped the white lace up and blinded him and he stumbled.
Stay upright you idiot, almost there.
 One last shove of his burden to keep it in place, he reached his destination and dropped it unceremoniously.

“Your plastic model. Do you really think this will sell cars?

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  1. Great imagination. I was really unsure where you were headed with it. My mind went much more macabre.