Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year...Let's blog with Evernights Holiday Hangover Blog Hop

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year from Evernight!

Now that the Christmas cookies are gone, gifts unwrapped, and your holiday visitors have left, you’ve earned some well-deserved TLC. Evernight authors not only have the cure for your holiday hangover, they have fantastic new books for your 2015 reading list, too!

Be sure to visit every stop on the hop and answer each question. The more you blogs you hop, the more chances to win the GRAND PRIZE of an iPad Mini sponsored by Evernight Publishing (one entry per blog). Plus, hop each blog for a host of other fabulous prizes.

So sink into your favorite chair and enjoy your holiday hangover!

It's the morning after the night before. Your mouth feels and tastes like the bottom of a parrots cage (or whatever unpleasant simile you can think of) and you need to do something. But what?

I know there's lots of hangover cures going around, but sadly the only way to get over a hangover is not to have one in the first place. however if  New Years Eve is a little alcoholic I have a great way to get rid of the yawns and headache.

We're lucky enough to often spend New Year in North Yorkshire with relatives who are also great friends. On New Years Day, even if it's not the best of weather, we always go for a walk to 'blow the cobwebs away'. One of our favorite walks is along the edge of Sutton Bank. It's a fantastic escarpment with amazing views over the Vale of York. On a crisp January day, its the perfect place to ramble, as long as you're well wrapped up. Sometimes there are gliders taking off nearby, which all adds to the enjoyment.

There's always a lot of people around of all ages. Oldies like us, dog walkers, families with children on bikes and scooters or in back packs  or buggies. Everyone is cheerful and exchange greetings.

You might go out with a headache,m but you rarely come back with one.

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I've shared one of my favorite places to walk. Where is yours and why?

Good luck and happy reading,

Love R x

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  1. You asked: I've shared one of my favorite places to walk. Where is yours and why?

    There is this park/lake called Lake Meridian. It has the most beautiful soothing layout for walking and reading. It's perfect for me because I'm not too mobile. Whoever designed this park had a very creative eye. It has wonderful benches with backs, in intimate spots that are great places for reading. The lapping water is quite pleasant. I try and visit often.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    Belinda G
    belgre at centurylink dot net

  2. There is this place in Tennessee called Cascade Coves at the base of the Smokey Mountains. There are lots of places to explore by walking, old homesteads created back in the day. It's just beautiful! I need to go back there

    Thanks for the opportunity Raven!

  3. there is this really nice park near me call high park. i love walking thru it as many chances as i can get

  4. My family has a couple acres of land that I love to walk around in. It's so pretty! I've seen Turkey's, deer, and other creatures!! Happy New Year!!

  5. when I was a kid I love to go to Stone Mtn. in Ga. and walk around. When we was Station in Germany I would like to walk the trail and see the sites.

  6. There is a path that goes behind the park. It leads to the remnants of an old mill. I love that path. Very peaceful.
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

  7. My dad lives near downtown Hannibal. I love walking downtown there browsing in the quaint shop windows and crircling by the river

  8. favorite path is......... to the library or my online invisible path to buy more e-books! haha

    tagsncats (space before @)

  9. I dont tend to walk as much as I used to. But Id have to say there is a trail in washington that I loved. I walked it with my dad once, three waterfalls as you walked and I talked a little girl into not trying to take home all the rocks on the trail.

    kitsune_no_sora @ yahoo

  10. There is a path near me in Ottawa. In the fall when the leaves are on the ground it's so beautiful and peaceful. I usually will walk there and sit on a bench, reading a good book.

  11. When I first moved to AZ I thought it was ugly until my hubby took me on a walk through the desert. I love walking in the desert now. It is fun to see things that look dead from far away thrive up close.

  12. I love taking walks on the beach. The sound of the water and sand going through my toes, something very relaxing about this.

  13. We have a park we always go to and walk the dog, we can see lots of birds, squirrels and the occasional deer, which is always nice.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  14. My favorite place to walk is the lakefront (in New Orleans) with my dogs! Actually, walking anywhere with my dogs is the best!
    Happy New Year!

  15. We have an arboretum nearby that's lovely most of the years and in the winter they put elaborate lights on the trees.

  16. A walk along the Mississippi River, it is just calming to

  17. We live close to Lake Tahoe so I love walking along the lake!

  18. I like walking in a park that is close by my house. My cousin and I walk there in the evenings I like it because there's a lot of lights, and there are always people around.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  19. love walking on the beach


  20. I love walking around the park. Always where I go to clear my head.

  21. I love taking Daisy (my tea cup chihuahua) for walks on the rail trails (where old train tracks were torn up and made into walking paths). We go out for a drive to find a place to walk. Anywhere with a lot of trees is good for us.

  22. My favorite places to walk are all around Rapid City, SD with my dogs. In the city there is a statue of a president on every corner. Rapid City prides itself on it's parks and walking paths. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Rapid City but it is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota and it's just beautiful. The weather is almost always good, except for a blizzard or two. My very favorite place to walk though is at the dog park with my two dogs, Dutch and Louie. I am from Northern Virginia but I have never seen a dog park as beautiful as the one here. Rapid Creek runs through the park and the dogs love to jump and play in the water. The park is also surrounds by canyons and if your lucky, some days the Big Horn Sheep come down to the park. As you can tell, I love Rapid City!

    Happy New Year,

  23. I love walking around the small lake near my town. It is really peaceful and the walk always makes me feel better. I am lucky and have been able to walk there this winter with the nicer weather.

  24. my favorites are beach walks or on a track, where i can empty my mind, listen to music and not have to focus on where I'm going. very peaceful. :)
    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  25. I can't walk far but I do live right near the sea and if I could I'd walk up to the beach every day I've heard it's a fabulous walk.


  26. I like walking through any neighborhood with plenty of book and record stores!

    Trix, vitajex(At)Aol(dot)com

  27. I really just walk around our neighborhood with my dog. He is kind of old and set in his ways. He doesn't like changes in his routine.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  28. Favorite place to walk would be through a forest path, but this new year it's gonna end up being done more often than not on a treadmill.

  29. Most of my walking is done on a treadmill. Very boring. When it is nice I will walk around the neighborhood.

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  30. I live really close to a lake in my area, I can walk about a mile then walk next to the lake for a mile and to the bridge and boat landing, a favorite with my kids.

  31. I love to walk by the river at the waterfront park in my city! I love the water & it's just peaceful & quiet for me. <3

    Hope you have a great 2015! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  32. There's a path around a lake near my house. I really enjoy walking there late in the day.

  33. There's a little park in my neighborhood I like to walk in,especially on cold days.

    Happy New year!


  34. Where I work has a great walking path.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  35. My favorite walk was along the levee in Kingston, PA. Since I moved a year ago to South Carolina, I have yet to choose a favorite walk.

  36. I'm not really a big walker, but as long as I'm walking with someone I love, it's all fine with me.


  37. I love walking on the beach. I live in SW Florida and the beaches here are pretty clear and with almost white sand. :)
    Thank you for sharing your favorite.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com