Friday, 14 February 2014

FlashFictionFriday... Be careful what you wish for...

It's Friday again...

Time for a flash in 100 words.

All the flashers have the same picture and let their imaginations run riot.

This is my result.

(source Pinterest)

Be Careful what you Wish For.

The costume hurt. The temporary tattoos itched, and Saul was letting Lily chat him up. The slut simpered and stroked his arm.
Mine. Daisy scowled into the mirror she held and wished it was something a lot heavier. Hard enough to heave at Lily's head and do a serious injury.
Bloody Lily. Water Lily, Lily pad, wet clinging vine Lily.
Daisy watched in horror as the mirror left her hand and spun in the air, before it headed straight toward Saul.
 Toward Saul, not Lily.
Oh fuck and shit.

"You should watch what you wish for Daisy. Remember who you are."

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  1. A woman scorned is capable of anything as Saul is probably finding out. But I'd love to know more about whoDisy is. Great flasher

  2. I ove the string of vitriolic names and versions she called Lily! Jealousy is an ugly beats, but it was fun, entertaining and opened a bunch of avenues this story could expand into! Quite loved it!! Xo

  3. The teaser tempts me to learn more.

  4. nicely done... creative and lusty.... hugs T

  5. Wonderful twist, Raven! I LIKE her. Plenty of spunk, and now I want to know who she is ;-)

  6. Hm, I wonder what and who she is, and how it shaped the events here? When you mentioned a costume I thought she might be an actress waiting for a scene to be shot, while her co-star (and lover) chatted up another member of the cast. But now I wonder if there's more going on here....

  7. Oh wow talk about tense! I loved the twist and I wonder what happens after all this? Def want to know more. :) Great flash.