Sunday, 9 June 2013

#SexySnippets... with your MASTER


Cade stared at the door as if he hoped it would open again and Anna would come in, laughing and joking it was all a mistake. Yeah, and London bridge is for sale—again and that's not gonna happen.
The door did open, but it was Linsey and she looked worried. "Er, Cade, you have a demo due in ten minutes." It was the last thing he felt like doing, but sod it, he'd ballsed everything else up, he wasn't going to screw this also. He stood up and tucked his shirt into his trousers—he'd no idea when it had come adrift.
"Yeah," Cade ran his hands through his hair. "Coming."

(Okay, I admit it, one word over the seven sentences... my bad.)


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  1. Grea!t snippet, Raven, and congratulations on your release

  2. Oh, Cade....what are you going to do? Nice teaser.

  3. I can feel his desperation. Love it.

  4. Poor Cade. He needs a hug ;-) Great snippet, Raven :-)

  5. Congratulations on your release! Great snippet!

    All the best!