Friday, 23 March 2012

FFF...what's that?

FFF ... was always the best day of the week. not because it was a TGIF or work finishes early (FEF)  or school was over for the week.(yee haa) Well not really.It was... FAST FOOD FRIDAY.

The chippy. I don't know what you call it where you live. The Fish Shop, Chip Shop, Fish and Chicken Bar... whatever. But fast food, no cooking, just pop to the shop, hand over the dosh and there you were. MMM. 

Thinking about it now, I shudder (well not really, but I should) dripping with, well dripping, (no polyunsaturated stuff when I was growing up) batter golden and crispy, chips slathered in vinegar, enough salt to block the drains, and if you were feeling flush, a pickled onion! And mushy peas. 

 I'm drooling. And wrapped in Newspaper. So not only did you catch up with month old news, you got lovely black hands, greasy, covered in newsprint, and perfect to wipe over someone else's coat! And you could walk home munching!

What you ate stayed the same, but the name changed. Fish and Chips, Fish Supper, Two and a One ( 2 fish, one bag of chips) One of each...

Then it became curry night. AFTER the pub. ( fish and chips got relegated to Saturday lunch time.) Or a chinese take away.  (Chinese curry and chinese chips after a beer, was one of the highlights of a Friday) 

What you ate depended on how much you'd drank, and whether the darts team had won!

Sometimes, it was go home and cook a fry up ( now I'm baulking, the thought of cooking the full monte at midnight!) You knew how much you'd had to drink, depending on how many greasy pots and pans you found the next morning!

Why am I rambling like this? No idea really, I realized it was Friday. Where we live there's no takeaways, and the Chippy only opens until 9pm, and we don't go to the pub or play darts on a Friday anyway, so it's all immaterial.

 But it still is FEF for DH (as I worked in tourism, my friday could be any day so not the same feeling of joy for me), and we do enjoy a glass or two during the evening. And still often have curry... but either from that very well known 'takeaway' Raven's Kitchen lol, or (shh M and S)Old habits die hard, and I just wondered, if anyone else has a special Friday treat? 

Enjoy your weekend, thank you for reading ( if you made it to the end..well if you didn't you won't get thanked because you won't have seen this)

And do comment if you want. then I know I'm not muttering away to myself, and I haven't quite lost the plot!


  1. Ah yes, Fridays - where the chippy used to be queued out the door. I'm sure I demented my mother every week though when I insisted I would only have the chicken breast and chips - the most expensive item on the menu!

  2. Ah yes, chicken and chips.... what a good idea!

  3. Now Fridays used to be fish days when I grew up. Not fish and chips sadly. No, this was properly cooked and beautifully prepared fish, my gran cooked. Being only a child at the time, seeing those fish eyes stare at me put me right off, however. Not that I had a choice. "You'll sit there until you eat it, Doris!"
    Old school, my Gran was, Lord bless her. So I forced said fish down me every Friday, until I left home. I haven't eaten fish since! Don't think fish fingers count ;-)

    Nowadays Friday is quite often takeaway day, because I can't be bothered to cook at the end of a long week.

    Chicken and chips usually!

  4. Yes Fridays used to be chips day if Dad felt in a good mood. Like Doris it often is Chicken and Chips day!But not is something out the freezer day!

  5. Love your Ramblings Raven! xxx

  6. thanks all, I will blog more often... honest!

  7. Our days are all mixed up here. In the US friday meant cheap mexican food, delivered by yours truly after a long 10 hour shift of hairdressing. A cold beer, some tacos and a good film with my love. But these days it all depends on mood. I do love a takeaway and if it's from the Chippy it has to be Sausage supper, EVERYTHING on it. Tis Scottish at its best :)

  8. Pizza. Every Friday night. Hubby and the girls would stage a revolt if I tried to make something else!

  9. i cooked tonight, don't faint... but we had curry last night so it was home made meatballs tomato sauce and wild rice. darned good as well.