Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tantalizing tuesday...The Present

The Present

Darcy groaned. Why had she succumbed? It has been a last minute impulse buy, a giggle. The customs officer was holding them in the air by one finger for everyone to see.
Blue fluffy handcuffs.
"Yes?" She did her best haughty but nice young lady voice.  Damn I bet my face is the color of a well spanked arse.
He grinned. "Are these yours?"
The man's colleague winked. She could almost read his mind. And who's going to use them on you then lady? 
Ha, little does he know. She ignored him, and turned  back to the first man who's spoken. The tall dark haired droolworthy man
"Well officer." She squinted and read his lapel badge. "Officer Thomas. In a manner of speaking they are. But also." Darcy leaned over the counter and whispered in his ear. "In a manner of speaking they're not."
He gulped and his Adam's apple bobbed up and down.
"I'll have to confiscate them." His eyes twinkled.
She nodded. "I thought you might. That's fine. I have a proper pair ready and waiting at home."
Once more she moved toward him, so her words were for his ears only.
"Don't be late...sub."

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  1. I think he might be early! Loving these teasers!

  2. Love it, Raven!!

  3. Caught another? Or is this a 'repeat offender'? Great one.

  4. Wonderfully done! Loved the twist of each pulling ummm... rank! LOL!

  5. Oh yeah, I loved it. What an awesome tease.

  6. I was hoping she did whisper into Officer Thomas' ears the request for him to use them on her later. Great Teaser? I liked the expression of her thoughts and spoken words.