Monday, 27 March 2017

The Gluten-Free Author's guide to goodies—or not

Today it is both... Yeah sorry...

Goodies, high fives and greatness to supermarket chains, and food producers for the way they have embraced gluten free goodies, and basics for that matter and making it a lot easier to find food to eat. 
Now before I get heckled and told to go natural, and cook from scratch, most of the time I do. But even then you need stock cubes, (yes I know make it from scratch...but every time? Not going to happen), bread...ditto. Have you ever tired to make gluten free bread? Don't bother. Especially as you can even buy freshly baked bread and rolls in some supermarkets now. And croissants. (I was going to post a picture, but um I ate them, sorry.)

Things like soy sauce, brown sauce, (am I getting too saucy?) and any other sauces that were not normally g-f have sprung up shelved boldly in the g-f aisle. No more hunting rows and rows to find that one elusive brand you know is g-f anyway, unless like me you do it because of....

the or not...

So where's the or not bit?

The prices... oh grief, the prices. I hate going shopping with hubby, who looks at my pack(s) of two small croissants at £2 a pack, my tiny loaf at £2.50 and my orange and sultana fruit loaf at gulp £3.50, to name but a few bits. 

And lets face it, one of life's small pleasures are bacon rolls and toast.. Or even just looking at bread and wondering what you'll treat yourself to...

Okay it might not look much to you, but to me it is 'normal'.

Therefore I ignore the prices as best I can, and into the trolley goes the bread etcetera. Hubby looks somewhat shocked, and no wonder. Glutenised stuff would be around half price I reckon. I don't look, it would just depress me. To me and a lot of others To go gluten free is not a lifestyle choice. It's a necessity, health-style choice. Or should that be non choice?

I know that to make g-f food is more expensive. Not just the ingredients and the number of ingredients needed to make say a loaf of bread, but also the conditions, the special machinery, etcetera. I understand that, I really do. My purse doesn't though.

Anyway, It's a definitely thumbs up to those shops, be them big little or somewhere in between, who are doing their best to make my life easier.                                                  (Pic Pinterest)

I love baking...I can get the flour I need. I want a biscuit that I haven't made...Nip to the g-f aisle.                               
Even better is the labelling these days. That's a big thank you to manufacturers. I don't spend three hours trolling through every ingredient. I look for those in bold.

And on that note, I'm off to make coffee and indulge in a slice of fruit cake. Home made gluten free of course.

Happy, eating,

love Raven x

Sunday, 26 March 2017

#SexySnippets with the ladies of Death Isle...

Well now, it's Mothering Sunday here in the UK, so I'm not cooking. 

Which has nothing to do with #SexySnippets.

Which has nothing to do with cooking but it does in a roundabout way have something to do with mums.

As I've just received my fantastic cover for The Furnace Man, (Kera Faire, my dark side) the latest Death Isle story, and It's released on Wednesday 29th (if you are reading this on Sunday that's only 3 more sleeps) of course my #SexySnippets has to come from there.

Don’t piss off the furnace man.
It might be a standing joke around the glass factory— he’ll mix you with the sand and burn you, leaving nothing left to discover—but Lindsey Earnshaw is about to find out the truth behind it.
Placed there to spy on the place on behalf of the government, a warning message brings forth not only a dead body, but also the one man she’s never forgotten.
Michael Hoult cannot believe his eyes, when his ex-wife turns out to be the receptionist on duty. Having to drug her in order to not blow his cover will not earn him her renewed submission, neither will whisking her away to the Death Isle.

Duty first, though. It cost him his marriage all those years ago, but with Lindsey now working for the same side, can they not only catch a killer, but also rediscover each other?

(Lindsey and the ladies of Death Isle have just enjoyed an evening together...
slightly adapted for #SexySnippets so you get the gist...)

Lindsey looked from one to other of her new friends and smiled —they had livened up her evening, given her support and advice and, she accepted, would run interference if needed. Even if it got them into trouble with their Sirs and Masters. For each had admitted their relationships with their menfolk, given her an insight into living with a Dom who was also a Dispatcher, and how they coped living on an island in the middle of a loch.
It all sounded perfect, but would she have the chance to experience it?
The clock whirred as the hands moved. The knock on the door made each one of them jump.
Astrid smiled at Lindsey. “Over to you.”

Catch all the other #SexySnippets here

Happy reading,

love Raven x

Saturday, 25 March 2017

One of our fabulous book bloggers Sandie gives us an insight about book bloggers...

The Gprgoeus Sandie Buckley AKA Knotty Girl shows us just what she gets up to...

And you can find her here

Photo from Pinterest

TODAY I’m listing all the things we book bloggers do. And just how much we do! So you can a) print this on shiny floral paper and mail it to all your relatives so they take your book blog very very seriously, and b) you can read this and be reminded just how awesome you are. Because you are pretty awesome, FYI, do not forget this. *


Most of us start out by blogging and then we GROW to many other creative outlets.

For instance:

      bookstagram — which is photography of books on instagram
      website design
      upkeeping a twitter or facebook or tumblr or ALL OF THEM
      guest posting on other websites
      designing fanart and promoting it
      writing books or composing music or JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER CREATIVE TALENT that can still compliment your blog and give you a topic to rattle on about
      Keeping up with Street Teams, Fan Pages and Messenger posts

Don’t believe me? Look at this list of things we have to do in a day!
      read a book, or multiple books because PUBLISHERS WON’T STOP PUBLISHING BOOKS OMG AND HOW DO WE KEEP UP
      write a review
      write a discussion post which requires brain powers probably
      take photos and edit them for #bookstagram
      tweet something hilarious
      or at least tweet something intelligent
      okay fine; just tweet something
      answer comments and visit back blogs, which can take hours by the way
      procrastinate because that’s what all the good artists do
      do other small things like go to work or school or raise small children or buy food or clean the house or cook food or socialise — I mean, these are tiny things, of course, no big deal
Thanks muchly to for the above 

material, they said everything I needed to start 


say. It’s all so very true. There just aren’t 

enough hours in the day to be a blogger, and it’s 

not just about writing out a review. Here’s the 

process of just one review.

     Read the book, yup a no brainer.
     Gather all of your information needed to make a post. This includes Cover photos, promo photos, any promo material you might have, links if available. (If not, go to every buy site, look up the book and find the links yourself, and copy/paste them on the blog.)
     Map out and design your blog. If you are working with a book PR company such as Rockstar PR or Social Butterfly PR, they provide all a blogger needs, most times in an easy c/p HTML code

Write out your review, and please don’t read a 

book if you don’t like the subject. It’s not fair to 

the author. Don’t downgrade your rating for 

things editing, or content you don’t like. Editing 

is the editors purview, and most times bloggers 

or reviewers get ARCs (Advanced Reader 

Copies) they are pre-editing copies.

 See the following for some helpful hints.

Then, the blog is copied to Facebook and 


plus any other social media the blogger uses. 


review itself also goes to Amazon, Goodreads, 

Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and any other point of 


Plus there are street teams, fan groups, and all 

sorts of publishers and PR firms we are 

responsible to. But, we do this because at the 


of it all…

We LOVE our Authors!!!

Thank You for inviting me here today, and also for giving me such wonderful books to blog about! <3